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By extension it became commonly known as any person who sets up a love affair, generally illicit. Extreme chaos or happiness. These territories, which included the former Taifa of Toledo , had large numbers of Arabic speakers, as well as many who spoke local Romance dialects Mozarabic language that were heavily influenced by Arabic, both influencing Castilian. Clay money box, penny or piggy bank. From Arabic al-bakura "premature" or al-bakrah "young camel. Clay artisan or his helper.


From Arabic Muzil as-siqaT "what takes away weaknesses. From Andalusi Arabic Alam, decoration in clothes. From Arabic aD-Dibbah "wolverine", which is the old Arabic name for this disease. Mob, herd, family, tribe. From Andalusian Arabic al-kaparra. From Andalusi Arabic, maintaining the definite article al arabi. From Arabic as-sumut plural of samt. It's possible that Arabic words and their derivatives had also been priorly brought into Castilian by Mozarab Christians who emigrated northwards from Al Andalus in times of sectarian violence , particularly during the times of Almohad and Almoravid rule in the 12th and 13th centuries. Reddish cinnamon coloured, used commonly to describe sorrel-coloured horses. From Arabic al buranniya "Buran's stew. Only words which have passed directly from Arabic are included. From Arabic al attar. From Andalusi Arabic al-karraza. Andalusian cake made of almonds, nuts, pine nuts , bread, spices and cooked honey. From Andalusi Arabic Al Hatruk, "big mouthed". This "messenger" carried messages to a married woman's lover. From Andalusian Arabic al-karawan. A type of clay container similar to a Spanish Botijo. This resulted in Spanish often having both Arabic and Latin derived words with the same meaning. The degree to which the Arabic language percolated through the Iberian Peninsula varied enormously from one area to another and is the subject of academic debate. From Arabic Ashur, period of ten days before Easter when debts were paid and alms were given. Qadi comes from the verb qada to judge. This list includes the Spanish meaning of the word as well as the Arabic etymology. For example, the word for Arabic-derived word for "jewel" alhaja is very common in Mexico whereas in Spain it is restricted to rural areas of the southern half of the country, the standard Spanish term joya being much more common. Arabic almanaque, hucha vs.


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From Andalusi Arabic al-qannariya, an Arabic rendering of the Latin cannaria.

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