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Is there really any harm in that? Let me sum it up for everyone. SGS is an interesting situation overall. Sign me up please! Are you kidding me? Egtx Practitioner on February 21, at 1: Do you know how much they cost? As far as training, Chuck Reddick provided sales training, and other cronies provided product training for Energetix and Anakiri, so there was no need to learn anything else.


In addition, I waive the following rights to: More information available at http: They are there to help save the world that is, they were there, notice the past tense. Ministry employees often donated their life savings for the Lord. They ask for a forward thinker with a passion for success. The quality of my life will be in relation to the quality of group life, not the quality of life of the leader. It is posted at Apologetics Index by permission. Are you kidding me? Anakiri can be purchased by anybody, but they do not have a public storefront. They are not given any benefits, and any requests for time off or outside training often ended up with either a no or a massive guilt trip. What about the airplane maintenance costs? This is supposedly what they offer. I will ignore my own needs and wants. Everything that is wrong is due to me. After all, they are contract employees, meaning they are not employed by SGS. Details about energetix layoffs part I http: The ministry therapists are there for more than just a pay. Sanctuary on February 17, at 6: I saw people with Masters degrees working in kitchens and cleaning bathrooms instead of what they went to school for. The outside therapists can essentially walk away at any moment since neither party has any ties to each other. There were a few therapists working there that were a part of the ministry and then some that were not I will call them ministry therapists. SGS has a public building and was used by the sales and executives of Eneregtix and Anakiri to show off to their own clients. Speaking of their pay, they always received their proper amount. Then they are given jobs where they are not paid very well. Egtx Practitioner on February 21, at 1: They receive no benefits except for their pay.


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"Nishavuta Sana Bangi ila Gabo ni Tishio" - MAFUFU

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