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Then we created his always-have-something-to-invite-people-to offer: We want to make it much easier for you to succeed. Identify friction points and overcome them for client satisfaction. Are you determined to get booked solid? When he came to me, he was facing two challenges that he needed my help with. I want you to do the same thing with your direct outreach. Create easy movement with powerful body language; block your performance so you always know where to go on stage and when to go there. All summer, their busy season, no less, prices were reduced.


Unless noted otherwise, you can assume I agree wholeheartedly with anything listed below. I first asked him to look at how we could adapt his services from just offering one-on-one training, to group programs. This program requires commitment. Or, what are you trying to achieve? Cut the crap out of selling and set yourself apart. Oh yes, that bit about seeing you give Book Yourself Solid speech? After all, you went into business for yourself for the freedom to be your own boss and to make a ton of cash while doing the work that you love, right? OK, we have five types. A detailed speaker contract for you to use for years to come Value: A client hires you when the circumstances in his life or work match the offers that you make. Instead of focusing on getting the callback, I was focusing on getting the part. Are you fed up of working on your own? So, every time I see him, I complain to him in a nice way that his prices are too low and, in fact, should be doubled. The most profitable frameworks for building a coaching businesses. You might not even know that you need this yet, but you do. She then launches into a litany of complaints about her day to explain her delayed arrival. Implement content creation tips for brand-building information products. To solve this problem, you have three options: I know many successful people who are ambivalent or even dislike large aspects of what they do for a living. Know exactly what you need to find speaking engagements that are perfect for you. She beams a radiant smile at Susan as she enters the office. Discover how you can stand tall with the pros who have been at it for years. In this stage you will demonstrate your knowledge, solutions, and sincere desire to provide value to your target market free of charge, with no barrier to entry and at no risk to them. Susan owns a spa and is interviewing two massage therapists. There were two requirements for attendance, however.


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Once you feel certain you know what he wants to accomplish and by when, simply ask. Over 65 percent of the people who signed up for the free minute session became clients.

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