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Overall, my first impression of Cafe Con Leche was a great one! My peers ordered variety of meat dishes and no seem to like it. The cilantro sauce really makes the food stand out! More people should try this place! My husband said he thought if he worked there he might weigh close to pounds. The Pan Con Lechon is sweet and salty Cuban roast pork with caramelized onions, garlic aioli and romaine on soft and crunchy french roll. I was very happy with my visit. The staff is friendly and helpful. Happy to give this place a hearty recommendation.

Cafe con leche seattle

It was cooked perfectly. I like the cheerful interior, but I would've liked for the ceiling fans to be turned off on a gray, chilly day. The food is perfectly seasoned and well prepared. Wondering why on earth I never tried this spot until now? I ordered their veg sandwich. Have always been a fan of the food and the warm, friendly service. And yes, this place is whipping up some tasty Cuban fare! One of the most underrated types of cuisine, IMO. Favorite lunch spot in SODO. I will go back for sure!! Sincerely South Florida born and bred. This is also one of the best bang for the buck lunch options I have found in Seattle. It was to a point you couldn't do enough to it to make it worth eating. It really was an embarrassment and should not have been served. If you are in the area and craving great food and outstanding service, this place is for you! But once you have a server, it's a great experience. And, the Arroz Moro was also okay, though again, bland. If this place were closer to me, I'd probably be there weekly. The Palomilla steak was alright, although massively underseasoned and missing the staple Cuban flavors sour orange and garlic should have been prominent. Seattle, WA This is a great Cuban restaurant. We went in group of 7. Overall, it might be good food for those who don't know any better Tender, soft, Cuban sandwiches. Cannot recommend any one dish, because they are all good. The Bistec de Palomilla was tasty, and the accompanying sauce was amazing.

Cafe con leche seattle

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The cuban had great flavor with the swiss cheese, ham and pickles.

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