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The most important role was that of Scarlett O'Hara, and more than 1, actresses were considered for the part. That was exactly what she did and nothing was going to stop her from doing patriotic duties for her country. There was never a person in this world who was so generous, so full of fun. If you think he might want to have these sometime, please deliver them to Mr. Lombard was not the average movie star who let fame and money go to their head. She was wearing a fur coat, on account of the cold weather, but she was very down to earth. Gable who led a tormented childhood remained serious right up until the day he fell in love with Carole. Most of her travels were by train.

Carole lombard gone with the wind

Shortly after in January , Clark Gable began work on Gone With The Wind, the highly extolled classic that surpassed anything that had ever been produced in motion picture history. The morning after this memorable evening, Gable awoke with a severe hangover only to discover that a prank had been played on him during the night while he was asleep. Finally she did fall pregnant right when she was due to travel with Clark to Atlanta for the premiere of Gone With The Wind, but sadly Lombard had a miscarriage when she went horseback riding. Harlow was, in the s, what Marilyn Monroe was in the s: From this point, she became "Carol Lombard", the new name taken from a family friend. She wanted Clark to be the major bread winner in the family, and she wanted to take care of him when he arrived home from work each day, but lurking deep down in her mind was the question on whether or not to quit the movies. It was a big release for the studio, starring the popular actor Warner Baxter , in which Lombard received third billing. And adding to the pressure to hire her for the role was a nationwide radio poll that declared her the audience's favorite to play Scarlett. The teenager attended several auditions, but none was successful. The setback didn't hurt Davis's career; she would go on to enjoy a lifetime of cinematic acclaim, and receive eight more Academy Award nominations 10 total in the next five decades. They want to talk with you. It would be a relatively unknown British actress by the name of Vivien Leigh. Still, Selznick wasn't convinced she could pull it off, and turned down a deal with Warner Bros. The cause of the crash was determined to be linked to the pilot and crew's inability to properly navigate over the mountains surrounding Las Vegas. Tallulah Bankhead and Paulette Goddard. I had sensed from the start of working with her that she was a wonderful, down-to-earth lady. With the accolades she acquired for her performance, Lombard was adamant about what roles to accept and would really delve into them before giving them her approval from now on in. At the time of filming Lombard was married to William Powell who was sixteen years her senior. How this came about is uncertain: Do You Know Lucy? She was witty and she loved pulling practical jokes, but tucked away inside the lively body of this vivacious human being was a vulnerable side to Carole Lombard that Clark Gable spotted instantly. But she decided to try a different tack from her fellow actresses: Her mother and Winkler were both afraid of flying and insisted they follow their original travel plans. I framed the shot to illuminate both Lombard and part of the audience to her left. The plane crashed into Potosi Mountain, and all 22 passengers on board the plane were killed instantly.

Carole lombard gone with the wind

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It was a big release for the studio, starring the popular actor Warner Baxter , in which Lombard received third billing.

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