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I have breasts and a cleavage! Bollywood Hottest Actresses Who Carried Deep Cleavage Dresses In Style Venturous dresses are the center attraction of Bollywood actresses, showing their plunging cleavage is one of them but it's not something new. This is not first time when Sonam is on the leak, she is popular for her amazing fashion statements from the very begging of her career. Can she make choices that involve her physicality? She is pure delight with her sexy looks.

Cleavage in salwar kameez

She puts whole ramp on fire with her super revealing cleavage dresses. Actresses who carried cleavage dresses in style 1 - Deepika Padukone Deepika Padukone, a southern girl who started her career as a kingfisher model, is today one of the most successful actresses of Bollywood. Her online reply reads: The dusky beauty stands out for her hard work but her looks has taken her to miles. The hottest cleavage show is today a part of their most popular fashion statements. As nowadays, actresses are ready to go to extra mile to buzz the show. Can she make choices that involve her physicality? She always dares to bare such revealing dresses to make her fashion up to date. With an unabashed statement claiming proud ownership of her breasts, she also shows that she owns a thinking and questioning mind. On that note, here are top 7 hottest images of Bollywood actresses, who stopped the show with their highly revealing cleavage. Yes, say the fundamentals of fashion and grooming. She became a star overnight, less for her sexy-turned-Savitri avatar in the film, more for her simply fabulous wardrobe. Sure much credit goes to the popular stylist Anaita Shroff Adajania, but Padukone now owns the room. It is so interesting, and ironic, that clothing is celebrating a nudity of sorts. You got a problem!? Her perfect physique and revealing looks, really throb the hearts. Is she allowed self-expression though her clothes? Certainly not Deepika Padukone. She beats all the contemporary actresses when it comes to hotness, just what her neckline dress describes. From the typical ethnic outfits to the most revealing ones, Alia always beat the others. History, as far as the Indus Valley civilisation, has shown that women of yore enjoyed their dress-up. The days when heroines refused to kiss onscreen but padded their bras to unnatural proportions just to titillate, are a thing of the past. This is also why sheer clothing is suddenly on every fashion runway of the world. Ms Padukone is, after all, in the business of looking good, and those that are here are open to immense public scrutiny for their appearance. Fendi is even doing sheer with shearling in gobsmackingly-delicious styles.

Cleavage in salwar kameez

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You got a problem!? Her perfect physique and revealing looks, really throb the hearts.

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