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It does get clogged or throws a breaker every once in a while, but usually due to operator error. My gardening friends and outdoor enthusiasts are quite impressed with this chipper as I am. My trees are so high that they fall down dry and very hard. Once we became better at gauging how to work the device, we go virtually jam free for most of our sessions. You will probably pop a breaker and have to clear jams in the unit. I am not saying that you have to resharpen the blade all of the time, as I haven't done it very much at all.

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Great for cleaning up bushes and small tree branches. Not that bright I know, so this year I am going to get that before the leaves start to fall. It has a Genoa with a roller furling and new jib sheets. And if you're shredding leaves, be sure they are dry. If I use the outdoor sockets for power, the breaker is thrown soon after starting the Patriot Chipper. The manual is one of the best we've read -- clear, and actually amusing, and obviously written by an American. The hull is solid fiberglass with an encapsulated lead keel. Only occasionally do I have to unjam a branch and that is usually because I have let the cutter blade get a little dull. The aft cabin is nice with a double wide bed that is wide enough for two and plenty long. All steel and just a fine piece of equipment the likes of which we don't see anymore with everything made in China. As a homeowner with a modest sized lawn that is heavily treed, it is the right size for our mulching and chipping needs. This shredder chipper is perfect for my use. So far so good but it hasn't been long enough to determine if it was a wise purchase. Torqeedo also for sale. Feed the wire into the output port where the bag attaches and pull out any clogs. This is a high quality machine that I expect will last me for many more years. Once I received it I was glad that I waited. I run the mulch. I already had a power washer that got all gucked up with old fuel that turned into kerosene. You can gauge how much the chipper can handle by the sound of the blades. At this price I'd prefer the equipment requires less time cleaning and more time chipping and takes on all yard waste. I was very pleased how quite it was and how powerful. I like the electric one, as no need for gas or hand pulling. It could be that some green leaves turn "pulpy" and build up, which does occur on occasion. This boat has been very well maintained in the Dream Yacht Charter fleet Florida and is still in great condition to stay in charter if new owner wishes. It has a nice vee berth forward.

Craigslist narrows va

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