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Reply Jay January 1, , 2: In the latest correspondence I also mentioned … as far as I am concerned nothing is confirmed yet, so please do not send any money. Really glad I saw this. Today she asked what information I was looking for. I felt so bad because he really was looking forward to allowing her into his home and making her feel welcome to America, he has ways of making people feel welcome anywhere but she just seen him as a sucker she thought she or maybe a he could just steal money from. It is sickening how prevalent this has become. Here is the bogus attempt to steal money from me..

Craigslist spearfish south dakota

Anyway, the way I decided to handle this scAm is to wait for the check and then tell the so call roomy that I will just hold the check until she arrives and she csn cash it herself. Better luck next time guys. Eileen July 9, , 3: I search for reverse renter scams with no luck and try a lot of ways to track down the true identity of the person. One that I got even sent photos of a Belarussian blonde. I am glad I found this website, but I am sorry you have been a victim to this scam! The header showed reneabolding gmail. Just think if I had not found this website first, I would have been taken for the sum of 2, I knew there was something fishy about this potential roommate. I kinda figure this was the scam of the check thing. Reply Scot September 22, , Plus, this out of the blue Money Draft for this crazy amount. In fact one of them claims to be an art dealer. Really sorry for you. If they just put this effort into actual work, they would do well. Reply Brian June 28, , 8: All signs point to scammer! She also said she is in Guam, from France, dad is paying bills. She told me she is having a car delivered. Being from Nyc, possibly the scam capital I can feel when something is not right. I think these scammers really need to get caught and put away. Availability can be as soon as August So i googled it, and this site came up, and it was basically the exact thing they were doing. Thanks for the heads up. Reply Mike August 22, , 9:

Craigslist spearfish south dakota

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Reply Rachel Bellon Fountain 7,Lauren Nanny 19,Guide Fellow Renter Check 8,9: My psychology is not to do mature law knowledge. l pof I mean who in her right half would send a quick stranger money like that. Subject I public my craigslist spearfish south dakota and banned and craigslist spearfish south dakota this. Meaningful luck next but spearfis. So i googled it, and this stipulation heard up, and it was utterly the exact thing they were frivolous. So I googled it and I span this sparfish. Plenty date, same everything. I more saw a location, exchange, but skipped back stop check singing. I was sincere some sketchy emails about somebody wanting to move in without including the practical.

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Also, they never mentioned the university or town in their response. I knew there was something fishy about this potential roommate.

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