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As mentioned earlier, you can join the site, take the test, receive matches, and engage in guided communication using a demo account. Just be aware of this possible change when signing up. Please note that this free event is only available to the United States. On these free weekends, the entire service is at your disposal. The event will be available to both U. This Free Communication Weekend officially begins at For those interested in making the most of this free weekend, check out my recent post where I discuss making the most of a free trial.

Current eharmony promotions

Please note that this free event is only available to the United States. October Just a quick update: So I do recommend cancelling your match. I feel it is better to sign up before the free event begins as opposed to waiting for Friday the 1st. Here are some facts that may interest you: For example, when Lavalife has a free weekend, users can ask other singles out in their first email. This is 30 days of free communication for Canadian users. The amount of time it takes to move through the communication process at eHarmony is much longer than with some of the standard dating services. Not just for the obvious reason because you want to take advantage of the full event but also because eHarmony provides the matches you can communicate with. How to Get the Best Discounts: Oct 1st to 10th eHarmony is having another free weekend, actually a free day event, from October 1st to October 10th When you sign up, no credit card will be required: This does trip many people up, and is one of the most common complaints against match. One area that Match. Currently, the eHarmony free trial allows you to do the following things: On these free weekends, the entire service is at your disposal. Cancelling your subscription will not affect your membership; you still maintain full use of the site until your one, three, or six month membership period has expired. Lately though, some of the free events are only allowing you to go through the guided communication portion of eHarmony…which means you are not able to move to the email step where you communicate as you wish. A weekend is often simply no long enough to have substantial communication. Keep in mind that you can sign up before the weekend begin and you may want to because the personality test can take quite some time to fill out. Personally, I think having an eHarmony account is worth having even if you only use it just for these free weekends. The Free Communication Weekend officially begins at If you are, you would be a fool not to take advantage of the match. This free weekend also appears to be open to eHarmony Canada members. Once you decide that you want take things further and e-mail your matches without restriction, you will need to become a paid member.

Current eharmony promotions

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