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Because the initial reaction may not be encouraging. All month long, BETA will release new articles and resources exploring the meanings of undetectable viral load. We now have substantial evidence that people living with HIV who maintain an undetectable viral load to not transmit HIV to sex partners. I agree with you in a lot of respects. Among gay men especially, the reality is that condomless sex outside of their primary relationship or marriage does happen with regularity. I think it goes over their head.

Dating an undetectable guy

But I think a situation that is more interesting is talking with family members of partners. I think when the condom line was really being enforced, it worked. Of the 1,plus couples taking part in the Partner study out of Europe, 40 percent are gay. So they put in place ways of identifying whether the undetectable partner had transmitted it to them. And it was this huge, huge deal. Where is the documentation for undetectable people transmitting HIV? The longer the study progresses and the more people who participate Partner 2 starts this year and includes only gay couples , the higher confidence researchers can claim in their probabilities. This question terrifies people! One would hope your own family would do the best they can to mitigate stress for you and support you wherever they can. By Lucas Grindley September 15 That small number is in itself big news. People need to understand those variables and make educated decisions about what level of risk they are comfortable with. But people in your everyday life may still be a little disbelieving. Derek Brocklehurst, RN photo: This applies, obviously, to someone who has already been diagnosed as HIV positive, and who has controlled replication of the virus. There are still laws about not disclosing HIV status in upwards of 30 states. Since this article was published in , there have been many exciting developments in research on viral suppression and treatment as prevention. I think it goes over their head. Want to know more? You have older guys who only believe in condoms, and you have older guys who only bareback. In my family, they rely on me to kind of guide them about my health and my check-ups. With the addition of condoms, you honestly have nothing to worry about, right? I think really educating friends and family and just being as open and honest and communicative as you can is the key. But for the most part, guys are thankful that I ask these questions. What does it mean to be HIV positive and gay?

Dating an undetectable guy

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I think the question around sexual behavior is harder for people to broach because people are inherently a little prudish. All month long, BETA will release new articles and resources exploring the meanings of undetectable viral load.

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