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Nothing is known of Philip's mother. Decius on the other side succeeded when he defeated Philip in A. The reverse sides celebrate the harmony among the soldiers and the fidelity of the troops Concordia Militum, Fides Militum , prosperity and everlasting peace Felicitas Publica, Pax Aeterna , Rome's eternity Romae Aeternae anno millesimo et primo , return of the emperor Fortuna Redux, perhaps an allusion to a planned march to Rome? Vicarage[ edit ] A vicarage, or vicarage house, is a residence provided by the church for the priest. This shows that the soldiers wished the emperor to be near them: Usually, Russian Orthodox vicar bishops have no independent jurisdiction even in their titular towns and are subordinate to their diocesan bishops; though some of them de facto may have jurisdiction over some territories, especially when there is a need to avoid an overlapping jurisdiction. Philip's troops were bested, and the emperor either died in the battle or was assassinated by his troops. Furthermore, no senator really thought of returning to the days of the republic.

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In addition, the governor of Arabia, Publius Aelius Severianus Maximus , was allowed to continue in his post in reward for his loyalty. His career has its closest parallel with that of Macrinus , an equestrian from the provinces who, a quarter of a century earlier, capped an administrative career by moving from the office of praetorian prefect to that of emperor. The revolts of Pacatianus and of Iotapianus soon broke down. Bosra , capital of Arabia Petraea When Septimius Severus came into power and stripped the Syrian city of Antioch of its status as Metropolis for its part in the rebellion and meted out punishment to any others who were unlucky enough to choose the wrong side, the Third Cyrenaica received the honorific "Severiana". Inhospitability is the norm, though, and along with the desert proper that is the Sinai, the arid Negev , which extends north of the Sinai, is practically such. Our lack of detailed knowledge about the reign makes any analysis highly speculative. The obvious need to mitigate and tame the power of the province of Syria, which had shown itself over and over to be a hotbed of rebellion, was then accomplished in three parts: Arabia became such a symbol of loyalty to Severus and the empire, according to Bowersock, that during his war against Clodius Albinus , in Gaul , Syrian opponents propagated a rumour that the Third Cyrenaica had defected. Non-resident canons led also to the institution of vicars choral, each canon having his own vicar, who sat in his stall in his absence see Cathedral. Arabia after Diocletian became a part of the Diocese of the East , which was part of the Prefecture of Oriens. At some point, probably in the s, Philip married Marcia Otacilia Severa. They were usually located near the church and were sometimes quite elaborate and other times inadequate. There were scattered Nabataean inscriptions during the period of imperial Roman rule. Arabia responded similarly when the governor of Syria, Pescennius Niger , proclaimed himself emperor in He can be seen as a precursor of Uranius Antoninus of Emesa A. Lexikon der Antike, ed. Dating from medieval times, they were often rebuilt and modernized. Today, the roles of a rector and a vicar are essentially the same. An apostolic vicar is a bishop or priest who heads a missionary particular Church that is not yet ready to be a full diocese — he stands as the local representative of the Pope, in the Pope's role as bishop of all unorganized territories. On the retreat back up the Euphrates after the Roman defeat at Misikhe, Gordian was killed sometime during the winter months of After being issued a call or assignment, the candidate is ordained as a pastor in the ministry of Word and Sacrament. Philip appears indistinguishable from other third-century emperors in his use of pagan symbols and titles. Until the reign of Gallienus , almost every usurper had a senatorial background. A single legion was deployed there in AD. The sources have been well sifted by Pohlsander, "Decius. Hartmann, Herrscherwechsel und Reichskrise.

Define praetorian

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Philip appears indistinguishable from other third-century emperors in his use of pagan symbols and titles.

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