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Members of the band recall that the sound engineer found the piece on a special effects disk and inserted it because he liked it. He plays this game with two girls which has to be completed in the six hours from midnight to dawn 'cause he can't stand the light. Imaginos' true nature is revealed to him, and he is informed that the circumstances of his entire life have been manipulated to bring him to that specific moment in time. For the next sixty-three years, he insinuates himself into the world of European politics. Billed as the "bedtime story for the children of the damned," all the lyrics were penned by the band's manager, Sandy Pearlman, a ceremonial alchemist, who also was the producer. Allen Lanier left in during the recording sessions for Club Ninja, unsatisfied by the music [35] and annoyed at the presence of Tommy Zvoncheck as his replacement, [36] while Joe Bouchard quit soon after that album's release to pursue different career opportunities, play other musical genres, and settle in his family life.

Desdinova meaning

It's so sort of The star Sirius A and its companion Sirius B , the possible home of 'Les Invisibles' [14] Although often referred to as a dream, [1] [46] the concept behind Imaginos is what Pearlman described as "an interpretation of history — an explanation for the onset of World War I , or a revelation of the occult origins of it", [34] which he crafted on elements of mythology , sociology, alchemy , science and occultism. The ship sinks with most of its crew, and Imaginos, half dead, washes ashore and is left for dead by the other survivors. Eric Bloom did the lead vocals. Listened to from start to finish, the time line of the album is out of whack. Allen Lanier, Jon Rogers, Buck Dharma, Ron Riddle, Eric Bloom The commercial success of the single " Don't Fear The Reaper " in , [22] [23] [24] and a series of Platinum and Gold discs in the following years, [25] placed pressure on the band as their label, Columbia Records , expected them to repeat these successes. Arch Enemy used the chorus for their song "Pilgrim" from the Burning Bridges album. Stealing away with the artifact, [1] he returns to Cornwall a year to the day of his departure, which coincides with the tenth birthday of his granddaughter. The title character, Imaginos, also called "Desdinova," is an agent of "Les Invisibles," whose purpose is to change the course of history by tilting the axis of destiny at strategic points in time. There's a parallel with the rose which is similarly over-fulfilled, a symbol of over-ripeness and decadence. Metallica recorded the song for their album Garage Inc. Lovecraft had this term 'starry wisdom cult' which was so apt I had to use it. The liner notes contain the "Random Access Myth," a supplement to the actual lyrics, which links all the songs. The Imaginos album of the 80's was worked on for years and years by Albert Boucherd and Sandy Pearlman, who were going to release it under a different band name with other musicians, but Columbia insisted that BOC do it and it be released under the BOC moniker. A video was made for this song, but the band doesn't appear in it. In "Astronomy", the character of Imaginos comes to realize his heritage and his role as the altered human. Secret Treaties began as a concept album based on the character Desdanova, who appears in "Astronomy. The principal story begins in August , [49] with the birth of a "modified child" [1] called Imaginos, in the American state of New Hampshire. Bouchard sang lead vocals and played guitar on all tracks, accompanied by: This version was made into a video as well. The "Magna of Illusion," carved of darkest obsidion tempered with blood, was allegedly used by Queen Elizabeth's alchemist, Dr. Taking on many ingenious disguises, he places himself at pivotal junctures in history, continually altering its course and testing our ability to respond to the challenge of evil. A disease with a long incubation" "Magna of Illusion". It displays a diversity of musical styles and highlights Blue Oyster Cult's talents. For the next sixty-three years, he insinuates himself into the world of European politics. He plays this game with two girls which has to be completed in the six hours from midnight to dawn 'cause he can't stand the light. The video had no footage of the band playing, and instead focused on the story told by the song.

Desdinova meaning

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