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Brand new hood, bumper, radiator, sparkly new headlights, the list goes on The job was done with professionalism, promptness, and precision. If you've had an accident or need any body work, Detroit Auto Body is the place to go! It did some damage to the roof of my new car. These guys made my baby car look better than before my accident!! I highly recommend Detroit Auto Body.

Detroit auto body covina

I dropped the car off at 5pm Friday and picked it up at 8am Friday, so it really was more like 4 total work days. I had 2 of my cars worked on 3 different times and my nephews truck. They can be pricey if you are not going thru your insurance. You won't regret it they will do a great job and half the time anyone will. Like it was in slow motion a pipe comes off of a truck and hit the car in front of me bounces up in the air and then lands on my roof. I must say, I've never had to deal with anything like this before and I was a bit apprehensive, but Larry from Detroit Auto Body kept me informed throughout the entire process!!! I Went back recently to see if they could replace my broken back door handles with the new ones I purchased and they were able to do it and they did not charge me anything. Good thing I accelerate it when I saw it or else I woulda came through the windshield and possibly cause an accident or could have hit my ugly face. The list of charges they gave me, verbatim: The repair work completed was outstanding. Great Auto Body Shop. My golfing buddy suggested Detroit Auto Body. We are please overall with our experience. I was going to take that into the dealership it was under warranty and it was like that when I bought it. Its great to find a business that serves the customer in a high quality manner. On top of receiving those alerts I even received phone calls to let me know if they were ahead of schedule and if that affected when my car would be done. I had work done on my front bumper years ago and they did a great job. I get it, it's a business. I was afraid she would be totaled, but they brought her back to life. They do great work on cars no matter what best service but lt sucks how my completion date gets pushed back this time. Elvis said he'll do his best, and too my surprise a miracle happen, and it finished ahead of schedule. I've been to them four times for work on my car! Some shops are just a mess, with oil stains, and equipment everywhere. Thanks Detroit Auto Body! Eddie and his team do great work!

Detroit auto body covina

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Audi reveals RS7, SQ5 at Detroit auto show

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This shop is amazing! You don't need to go the network shops, but its helps with faster repairs my opinion.

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