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Geographers have developed topological algebras for scene analysis e. As I plowed through freshman Physical Geology some 36 years ago, I couldn't help but acquire the impression that all of the major problems in the earth sciences had been solved. They are simply hard-wired to facets of the data cube. Bertin , is the pioneer in the area of modern graphic classification and design; his work underlies almost all of Chapter This book includes a few classifications, but they are in the service of developing objects that are flexible and powerful in a coherent system. It has been reviled by statisticians unjustifiably and adored by managers unjustifiably. Geography is anchored in real space-time and statistics in abstract dimensions.


In fact, the primary focus of our interest is in designing a system that is flexible enough to change state without re-specification. Cleveland helped establish a framework for understanding the role of graphical elements in displays. Part 1 presents a unique system for generating charts through a parsimonious syntax. These internal processes constitute the syntax of the grammar of graphics. These rules are not based on personal preferences but rather on the mathematics and perceptual dimensions underlying the graphics we draw in practice. His illustrations, some dating to the 12th century, are especially informative. It may be the most concrete chart, in the sense that it is a pie. Brodlie integrated concepts underlying both scientific visualization and statistical graphics. The following chapter, titled Analysis, covers methods for preparing data for graphing. In classical grammar, syntax is the set of rules for combining words and sentences. Yes, there was a chapter about Wegener's conti nental drift hypothesis along with a few other ideas concerning earth evolution - expansion, contraction - and including Holmes' convection cell idea. The chapter titled Reader inverts the problems covered elsewhere in this book; given a graphic, how do we read it? Nor have statistical and mathematical packages that generate more complex graphics contributed to our understanding of how they are created. Defining a formal system has practical implications in this field. Bertin , is the pioneer in the area of modern graphic classification and design; his work underlies almost all of Chapter We can add many different graphs, transformations, types of axes, annotations, etc. Part 2 begins with three chapters that summarize issues involved in graphing space, time, and uncertainty. Some geographers might disagree with our real-abstract distinction here. What is the format of the data being passed in? Indeed, each figure is accompanied by a specification that resembles a command language. Each new graphic in these programs was developed by an engineer who knew many of the rules in this book instinctively and applied them to a specific instance. There are many other consequences of this difference in focus. How are the pie wedges to be colored? Collins shows that the principal contribution of the enormous recent literature on scientific visualization is its application to non-physical data rather than the displays themselves. The details of the Renderer are ignored here. These packages can produce a large variety of statistical graphics because they evolved to fulfill the needs of statisticians for sophisticated and flexible technical graphics.


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We begin by defining concepts through the task of constructing a pie graphic from data. Brodlie integrated concepts underlying both scientific visualization and statistical graphics.

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