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How are they supposed to protect you if they are outgunned? She buys the guns…. I literally felt brain cells die when I read that idiotic comment of yours, you should be in jail! You people are a trip. You prohibited gun sales then the people will buy anyway, and if you think the punishment for people who buy anyway, then better start building hundreds of new prisons, and still not space will be available December 19, at 9:


Stricter gun laws would not have changed this recent tragedy. It's not reported because he didn't do anything. I have seen in other states and countries where you can not enter the school. Doesn't matter how you try to spin it, it just isn't protected. You prohibited gun sales then the people will buy anyway, and if you think the punishment for people who buy anyway, then better start building hundreds of new prisons, and still not space will be available December 19, at 9: There is no minimum hour requirement to obtain a tailwheel endorsement, but it usually takes just a few hours of landing practice to get it. I could say the same thing. Are you seriously saying that 8 or 26 doesn't matter? I personally, do not want the local police department to have a stronger fire power then the general population they have been hired or elected to protect. Just because in when America was at war defending them selves everywhere it went does not mean its relevant now, its not like you hang people anymore, have slaves or drive carriages to work. But how do you easily stop a man with a violent knife? With that logic who cares if it's 3 or 3,, I know this seems like a sarcastic comment, but the point is that once we agree that some type of regulation on the sale of weaponry to the public is not only in accordance with the latest ruling by the supreme court on the second amendment, but a real discussion as to what type of laws and regulation may be needed to protect the general public from members of its own population can begin in earnest. Have all the citizens in the United States been trained to the level of the military and examed to the level of enlisted soldiers? Where did you come up with this? Should this access be totally unrestricted or should there be a limit on what type of arms anyone from the general population should be able to attain. Because only criminals own guns in Colombia. Also, so much of the debate comes from the type of weapons used and it becomes difficult to define the difference between a. In the long term, since we banned automatic weapons in and melted them down, gun-related crimes are down. One family in the massacre lost one child while the sister of that child survived. I don't know where you got that 8 children were killed. Complex A complex endorsement is needed for aircraft that have retractable landing gear, movable flaps and a controllable-pitch propeller. Education and peace behavior would make a difference, as long USA is getting in war after war many without any proper reason the people will believe that the way to express themselves is with guns. The types of "modern sporting rifles" that are avaialble today are sickening. Nobody is denying that people can also be killed without guns, it just makes it much easier with a gun. Scalia said specifically Handguns. NOT if one of your children were among the eight.


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I own several firearms.

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