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Some fisheries have banned boobies because some anglers have historically chosen to fish them static on a sinking line. Then caught his third trout of the outing — another market hog rainbow. Any one who believes Booby flies should be banned because they float underwater will I trust never use weighted lines or weighted nymphs for the same fractured logic in reverse. That pretty much is that, except for the following advice. Nymphs with bubbles of foam attached to the head became a proven fish taker.

Fishing boobies

When the angler brings in the line in short strips, instead of rising in the water column which is not a natural defensive move, the booby darts downward. Black booby cord Hackle: Tackling Up When it comes to tackle you really do need to ensure you are using the right equipment when fishing a static Booby. Wind back towards the eye leaving plenty of room for head. He gave me a couple of the flies which I promptly filed away in my fly box and forgot about them. When striking into a fish a stiffer rod will set the hook much quicker and better than a soft-actioned rod. The reason being because they can deeply hook fish. Continually visualise them in your mind. I use black mostly, but you can use white which later can be varnished and then pantoned in any colour you want. It is the view of the fly when it is dry that seems to put people off. This is really enticing to fish. This is a useful method under two different circumstances. It is a style of fishing: Even to the extent where they have been banned on some waters. The one overriding feature which makes a booby a booby are its barbell eyes. Use a fast sinking line, I find a shooting head best, no more than cm to 1 m 20" - 36" of leader to the Booby and cast it out. We check out seven of the best booby fly patterns to tie which will make blanking a distant mammary. Or so they say. The answer here is to strike early. With my brain now really ticking over I decided to switch to a Fast Glass line, with the idea of allowing the Boobies to sink slower. Boobies are a killer fly on the bigger lakes and reservoirs of the UK. To me, the booby is more than just a fly, which is just as well, because in its usual form I use it very little. Takes can often be very subtle as a static fly is there to be simply sipped in, so a good stiff — preferably 8-wt rod — is often key. Others, especially the Brit flies, are wild and chaotic confections of hot orange and neon green with lots of sparkle thrown in. A team of four flies is commonplace for me when opting for this tactic, as you are now fishing a range of depths as the three nymphs are suspended mid-water by a Booby on the point of your cast.

Fishing boobies

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The answer here is to strike early.

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