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I'll come back hopefully soon. There is a new toilet building now, with 2 relatively clean vault toilets. I'll be back Awesome spot easy to get to and free! When the air temp is this hot the waters spurting from the pipes are pretty hot too but not unbearably. If it is closed, more water is diverted to the shower pipe, so the shower gets stronger and cooler, if the spray is directed upward. The main pool is a concrete tub large and deep enough for maybe 10 people total. It can be a popular spot in the cooler evening. And for that I salute them.

Holtville hot springs ca

In about a half mile you will see the Palm trees in the desert. Long term visitor area. Claim this business to view business statistics, receive messages from prospective customers, and respond to reviews. One bigger pool one smaller and a big shower contraption. The snowbirds who camp all winter in the campground across the street take it upon themselves to clean up this place and keep the pipe in working order. There are trash cans at the parking lot. It has algae on the sides and the water is very hot. I'll come back hopefully soon. During the day you can walk around the southwest side of the lagoon and see several spots where tar seeps up naturally from the ground. Supposedly closes from midnight to sunrise. Caretakers clean the pools once a week. We came here at about 9pm the day of the lowest glow event. This is not really one of those quiet, remote hot springs where you seek solitude and tranquility. These are very different from Five Palms, as you can see in the pictures below, and they are very hot. I think watching that will give you a great idea of what it was like there. In the cooler months it's crowded with snowbirds but in the hot months it can be deserted, especially during the heat of the day. Please visit the HOME page to find more articles, and feel free to share, sign up and leave a comment. Guess what the movie was…. No animals inside gates. Until next time…remember to step outside of your comfort zone as often as possible. But, more often than not, there's been fewer than 5 people enjoying their heated hydro experience. So relaxing and no charge! It is the same road that it leads you to but the destination is actually before the direction say. No one was there for about 10 minutes then a few people showed up but everyone was pretty respectful. The link is good for hours only. Sort of a throwback to better days, this municipal hot spring feels like a soviet watering hole. There is a new toilet building now, with 2 relatively clean vault toilets.

Holtville hot springs ca

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High Line Hot Well Holtville

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The link is good for hours only. Technically, the name of this place is Highline Hot Well.

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