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Lunch Roast chicken in baguette, two glasses of water. I am hungry on the school coach home, so I buy food from the vending machine at school for the journey. Snack Haribo and chocolate, three cups of water. Friday Breakfast Two pieces of raisin toast, two brownies. I was very hungry. Break Wafer, cupcake chocolate crispies — school makes these:

Hot girls eat each other out

Breakfast Toasted croissant with butter, glass of water. Snack An iced bun, two apples. Snack Bag of salt-and-vinegar crisps. Snack Apple and three glasses of water. Food, for Livie Lee Ray, the youngest of the five girls, is still surprisingly straightforward. She makes a big thing of vegetables and of having a family supper most evenings. Snack Haribo and chocolate, three cups of water. Break Wafer, cupcake chocolate crispies — school makes these: Snack KitKat favourite chocolate bar from home , pear Mum likes me to have fruit , crisps from school Dad says these are very bad for you! Snack Jelly Babies, small Dairy Milk. Dinner Potato croquettes, chicken in a marinade, broad beans, a slice of chocolate cake with vanilla ice-cream. Dinner Spaghetti and tomato sauce and salad, two cups of water. Longer working hours, more mothers going back to work, increased activities for schoolchildren, to say nothing of the long commute some children have before they even get to their desks, all mean that eating together as a happy family every evening, like in the Oxo ads of the s, poses a formidable challenge. Only 64 per cent of teenagers in Britain today regularly sit down to a meal with their parents. Snack Packet of salt-and-vinegar crisps. Friday Breakfast Toast with butter and a cup of tea. Break KitKat — missed school break, but me and Freddie, one of the girls in my class, sneaked a KitKat from home during a lesson. One person buys Heat, another buys Hello! Livie Lee Ray, 13, lives in Greenwich with her mother, an artist; her father, a journalist with the BBC; and two older brothers, 18 and Snack Bag of grapes. And that is not the only change. But Livie has adopted the school habit of sharing lunches, which some girls use as a way of not eating much. Lunch Half a bowl of pasta and cheese shared. The school has a cardiovascular room and weights room open to those in Year 11 and above because it maintains that older children are less likely to want to take part in team games. Mum was away — typical dad!!!

Hot girls eat each other out

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Breakfast Toasted croissant with butter, glass of water. Four slices of pizza, lots of water.

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