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There are 4 basic communication styles. Create honest relationships Gain more job satisfaction Learning to be more assertive can also help you effectively express your feelings when communicating with others about issues. Read our Privacy Policy 4. The quickest way to put someone on the defensive is to judge them. And, once again, Debra felt humiliated and frustrated at his inability to see the effect that his comments had. Conflict is hard for most people. While self-confidence is an important aspect of assertiveness, it's crucial that you make sure that it doesn't develop into a sense of self-importance.

How to communicate assertively

When you're assertive, you are self assured and draw power from this to get your point across firmly, fairly and with empathy. But by learning how to be more assertive, you can stand up for yourself, and become a strong and confident communicator. By becoming more assertive, you can begin to express your true feelings and needs more easily. And if certain issues such as anger, stress, anxiety or fear are getting in your way, consider talking with a mental health provider. Although these feelings are normal, they can get in the way of resolving conflict. Voice Your Needs and Wants Confidently If you're going to perform to your full potential then you need to make sure that your priorities — your needs and wants — are met. Let's all sit down and come up with a plan together. Otherwise, own what you do. In general, assertive people: The payoff will be worth it. Assertiveness is based on balance. Say what you want to say out loud. Finally, there are assertive communicators. The best way to learn how to say no is to practice. If, for instance, you can't take on any more work, be direct and say, "I cannot take on any more projects right now. Keep your voice even and firm. Keep an upright posture, but lean forward a bit. Another pitfall to avoid? But just as she was about to approach him, she lost her nerve. A few days earlier he had undermined her yet again, this time in front of other colleagues during the weekly team meeting. It allows you to prepare what you want to say in advance, using a four-pronged approach that describes: Allow yourself to feel anger. Don't cross your arms or legs. If this is the case, be honest and tell the person that you need a few minutes to compose your thoughts. It likely won't happen overnight but, by practising these techniques regularly, you will slowly build up the confidence and self-belief that you need to become assertive.

How to communicate assertively

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Assertive communication involves communicating your own wants and needs.

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