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She immediately makes a hasty escape from the house, leaving her brother behind. Curses have a challenging, disjointed storyline that follow seemingly unconnected characters. The Curse 2 repeats 30 minutes of material before showing anything new. Even the two versions shot on film were shot in this same house. This turned out to be my favourite horror film made-on-video, one of the few that have 'worked' for me. Yuki, who has a phobia of cats , backs up towards Kanna's closet when a black cat suddenly appears in the house.

Juon the curse 2 english subtitles

Inspired by the success of Ring , Takashi Shimizu. I'd recommend that you introduce friends to Japanese horror with Ju-on, rather than Ring, if you want to impress. Crucially, they are as scary as the versions that followed. Kanna's brother, Tsuyoshi, however, is unaware of the incident and goes to school to meet his girlfriend, Mizuho Tamura. We also see the police investigations flounder, due to mental breakdowns and further disappearences. Tatsuya contacts his spiritually-aware sister, Kyoko, to visit the house. Titled 'Katasumi' and '', you can presently watch them both on YouTube here and here , and were spotted by an eagle-eyed member of the Snowblood Apple Extreme Asian movie forum. Meanwhile, detective Yoshikawa and his aide, Kamio, investigates a mutilated body of a high school girl, Hisayo Yoshida, who is one of the two students scheduled to feed the school rabbits, and an unrelated human jaw nearby. Hearing strange sounds from the attic, she goes to investigate and is pulled by Kayako. Kobayashi grows weary of the strangeness that surrounds the house, and after accidentally stumbling upon Kayako's room, he learns of her unrequited love for him as well as her bloody corpse, hidden in the attic. The teacher is played by Yurei Yanagi a casting homage to Ring , the second householder is the hauntingly beautiful Kaori Fujii who later appeared in Haze and even the teenagers are good. The curse continues to spread outside of the city In keeping with the tight budget, actual locations were used instead of movie studios. In shock, he is unable to act properly as Kayako's corpse suddenly moves and kills him. The artwork is suspiciously similar to the original Japanese Toei Video releases pictured at the top. Crucially, we see one of the husband Takeo's original crimes, in the most shocking and horrible scene, only hinted at in the first film. An unknown amount of time later, the Saeki house is occupied by the Murakami family. I also found this link for a new Japanese DVD release that states it has English subtitles on it, but I haven't confirmed that yet. Each one is only 70 minutes long, so there would be little harm in releasing a minute assembly on DVD. The Curse 2 repeats 30 minutes of material before showing anything new. Already, a few minutes in, I was starting to get uneasy and creeped out. There are also scares which are unique to these films, like those in the school, where the children of the first new occupants carry the curse to their schoolmates. Incidentally the original Ju-on house, that was used for filming, is in the suburbs of Tokyo in the huge Saitama prefecture, though the producers remain protective of its actual location. Here's an example of where to obtain them. We also have to work out whether we are looking at events earlier or later in time. The repeated scenes make the film understandable as a stand-alone, but cheats viewers who have already seen the first film.

Juon the curse 2 english subtitles

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Ju-on: The Grudge

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She screams when her daughter moves to face her, showing her without her jaw. Tsuyoshi never makes it to the school and Mizuho is forced to wait in the teacher's room while a teacher inspects the school once more.

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