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Its main purpose is to preserve the chastity and modesty of those involved. Essentially, how is the union of legitimacy and detestability possible? That is nearer to prevent you from doing injustice. Surely, this is a great sin. As one can see, there are some cases in which divorce is a social necessity and the best solution; hence, it cannot be prohibited. It campaigns extensively against its causes, has determined conditions and rules for divorce, and has set obstructions that can to a great extent prevent divorce.

Legitimate reasons for divorce in islam

Even though divorce is hateful and ugly, sometimes it is a necessity that cannot be avoided. Once this foundation is eroded and undermined and there is no chance to restore the same, then divorce is the way to go. Can a mother stop her son from practising it? Generally speaking, divorce is not at all viewed favorably in Islam; rather it has been either condemned or discouraged unless warranted by valid reasons. Its main purpose is to preserve the chastity and modesty of those involved. There are genuine cases when divorce is the only option available. The merits of this method over the modern judicial method are obviously far superior. Islam is also exceedingly opposed to capriciousness and inhumane divorces. Many divorces and deviations occur when a husband or wife is not sufficiently sexually gratified. Yet, she may not ask for divorce unless she really goes through harm. Consequently, divorce has been generally frowned upon in Islam; hence it is imperative that we exhaust every possible avenue to avert the same; the steps thus recommended involve the following: Thus they are encouraged to seek advice and wisdom from those with experience and knowledge, who may help them to empower themselves to take charge of rectifying their behavior and attitudes. Any one of the above-mentioned reasons can be considered as a valid ground for divorce in Islam. It might be asked: Bibliography Divorce in Islam Islam tolerates divorce and separation of a husband and wife under specific conditions; however, Islam regards divorce as abhorrent and reprehensible. Some lay Muslims also thought that polygamy is not allowed by referring to the ayah that had said that men cannot be just between the wives 3: Valid reasons to give divorce. There are three things which, whether undertaken seriously or in jest, are treated as serious: Unto Allah belong all things in the heavens and on earth, and Allah is free of all wants worthy of all praise. Islam greatly opposes such mannerisms and defends the rights of women. If he is need to get married, he may get married without her consent. I need sincere help on this issue. In the meantime, it is possible that the husband sees reason and attenuates his resentments and stubbornness, thinks well about the downsides of divorce and its future complications, and thus changes his mind. Which is also the preponderant ruling based on the hadith that orders men to implement the conditions which they had considered the privates of women as lawful by the name of Allah. This is why if a father contemplates the matter well and examines the consequences and difficulties of such an action, he usually is discouraged from getting a divorce.

Legitimate reasons for divorce in islam

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