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Remorse is the trope of the literal sense of sensibility. The ontological language also changes. Like the embodied self, who suffocated within itself in in nausea , the self of sensibility is the locus of relationality and transcendence in But the other-in-the-same is not different from the factical other. An Essay on Exteriority.


While interned in the Fallingsbotel camp near Hanover, Levinas studied Hegel and began work on Existence and Existents. For Levinas, the irreducible relation, the epiphany, of the face-to-face , the encounter with another, is a privileged phenomenon in which the other person's proximity and distance are both strongly felt. Discovering Existence with Husserl. The priority of the present, concentrated into an extended moment is opened up through sensibility and affectivity. Collections of Philosophical Essays and Lectures: Whether it is the dark indeterminacy that besets the insomniac self, or whether it is the rustling of nocturnal space, Being's dark aspect horrifies us. It is as summons that we see expression precipitating transcendence. La notion du temps with N. Columbia University Press, Ethics is therefore either an affair of inserting particulars into abstract scenarios, or ethics itself speaks out of particularity about the first human particularity: Second, nausea is not simply a physiological event. The status of a memory of sensuous events, which affect us before we can represent them, must frame sensibility as intrinsically meaningful, intrinsically beyond-itself. Nevertheless, existence is not so markedly identified with war as it was in Each one lacks something essential to its existence: We see at work, here, a significant rethinking of the transcendental-anthropological distinction expressed as a priori and a posteriori. Following the leitmotif of our irrepressible need to escape, Levinas examines a host of attempted and disappointed transcendences: Whether it is experienced by pleasure or suffering, need is the ground of our existence. Responsibility will be focused more sharply as the condition of possibility of all signification. If Heidegger's Dasein confronted the question of Being by finding itself brought before itself in anxiety, Levinas proposes other ways by which the gap narrows between Being itself and the beings that we are. It is this that opens us to venture communication. Because Being is accepted in its Hobbesian character as mechanistic causality and competition, human time will not be situated firstly in social time with the invention of clocks and calendars. The new framework of transcendence as human responsibility involves an extensive exploration of the face-to-face relationship, and it opens onto questions of social existence and justice. And the flesh serves Levinas as his pre-consciousness, whose ontological meaning counts above all else. This is a radicalization of Husserl's idealism, in which meaning arises thanks to the inner dialogue whose language is more rarefied than that composed of everyday signs. Any exemplification of the face's expression, moreover, carries with it this combination of resistance and defenselessness: Dialogues of Emmanuel Levinas and Philippe Nemo


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The history of Jewish philosophy, from Philo and Sa'adya Gaon to Maimonides, and then from Cohen to Rosenzweig, alone clarifies Levinas's strategies and figures. Second, nausea is not simply a physiological event.

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