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Companies have their own version of the person-perception problem. Or, as Feast puts it, Cogito--which is Latin for "I think"--"helps people be more charming in conversation. The questions that do come in are often difficult and fraught with emotion. Second, below-average social workers had trouble improving, because their work was hard to quantify. The trick is to find out what it is the customer wants and put together plans to meet those needs. Most things in human existence are a collaboration. Cogito also has a mental health care product, an app called Companion, that's used by nurses and social workers in private and Veterans Health Administration hospitals to flag patients showing signs of PTSD and depression. In cognitive psychology, assessing others' thoughts and feelings through nonverbal cues is called person perception. To conduct their inquiries, Pentland's team built a wearable device they called a "sociometer," a shoulder-mounted pack, roughly the size of an iPhone, whose sensors gathered data about speech and movements during interactions.

Match com customer service get human

Geeta Wilson, vice president of consumer experience at the health insurer Humana, says she lives in fear, as do many executives, of this "discrepancy between how we think of ourselves internally and how our customers think of us. Wilson, who had heard about Cogito from Christopher Kay, Humana's chief innovation officer, offered of her call-center associates as guinea pigs in a test of a new product. Agents also have compassion fatigue, but theirs builds up over hours, not years. Feast too felt the pull of building, albeit in a digital realm. Feast is co-founder and CEO of Cogito Corporation, a Boston-based software startup that uses artificial intelligence to measure and improve the quality of certain key conversations, such as sales and customer-service calls, in real time. Skills can be taught but attitude and personality cannot. Customers whose calls were handled by those using the Cogito app reported a 28 percent higher NPS. Second, below-average social workers had trouble improving, because their work was hard to quantify. There were much bigger markets to crack. Keep in mind that customer needs and expectations are a moving target. In the modern workplace, with its high attention demands, packed schedules, and long hours, we're pretty bad at it. You should try it and see what your customers tell you! Some people do this easily. The sense that someone knows what he or she is talking about or cares about what you have to say is exactly the sort of thing conveyed primarily through nonverbal signals, Pentland's research has shown. How much more human it can make us, to put it bluntly. No one at Cogito can fool the software, which analyzes hundreds of signals to tell if distress is real. A big brand might have tens of thousands of employees handling customers' calls and complaints. But Feast quickly came to see it was a product with limited revenue potential. And when it comes to assessing our own person-perception skills, most of us are rank amateurs. But Feast is proudest of what it does for those on what he calls "the frontlines"--call-center agents. Companies have their own version of the person-perception problem. VCs hate throwing money down a hole without knowing how deep it is. He likens Cogito to skilled negotiators bringing along an assistant when making high-stakes deals. In a six-month pilot study, these associates took all of their calls using Cogito's real-time conversation-analysis tool. If it lays bare our limitations, it's only by showing how, for the first time, we have the tools to transcend them. Research has shown that medical patients who develop emotional health problems cost more to treat and respond less well to treatment; as a result, says Ahern, "it behooves the medical system to do a better job in detection and treatment of behavioral health because it drives outcomes and drives the costs. The questions that do come in are often difficult and fraught with emotion.

Match com customer service get human

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Such speakers are viewed by others as strong leaders. He's a distinguished IBM engineer who was on the team that built Deep Blue, which, in , became the first computer to defeat a world champion chess player, Garry Kasparov, in match play.

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