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Special embedded controller features in MMBasic allow the clock speed to be varied to balance power consumption and speed. When programmed with the Micromite firmware they make a powerful and easy to program microcontroller that is ideal for most hobby projects. It includes a blank PCB and all parts needed for you to assemble a fully functional unit. Getting Started There are two versions of the standard Micromite: Micromite Microcontroller Chips The Micromite is available in two versions: The Micromite Plus also supports SD cards for program and data storage, PS2 keyboard and advanced graphics controls including radio buttons, check boxes and on screen keyboards.


At the bottom of this page you can download the manuals and firmware for all versions. The Explore is designed to fit on the back of a 5 inch touch sensitive LCD display panel. Getting Started There are two versions of the standard Micromite: The x pixel LCD can display colourful text and graphics and the touch sensitive input means that many manual knobs and switches can be replaced with on screen graphics. Easy transfer of programs from another computer Windows, Mac or Linux using the XModem protocol or by streaming the program over the serial console input. The boards sent will always be the most up to date version. Programming and control is done via a serial console TTL voltage levels at baud configurable. If you want the optional chip, please add that to your shopping cart from the options above - select the DIL version to suit the 1D E board used in this kit. Jump to the standard Micromite page. Use 1k resistors instead of 3k3 if you are using standard LED's. It includes everything you need to assemble a fully operational board. You must choose to use one or the other. The board with the pre-fitted SMD will be supplied sealed in an anti-static bag, and constructors are reminded that full anti-static precautions need to be observed when handling this board outside of it's static sheilding bag. This only requires a VT terminal emulator and can edit a full program in one session. This is just the PCB - you will need to supply the components: The pin version is available from a variety of sources: Jump to the Explore page. That will not work. Current version of this board is 1C. Up to five PWM or SERVO outputs can be used to create various sounds, control servos or generate program controlled voltages for driving equipment that uses an analogue input eg, motor controllers. Development Boards and Components The Micromite User Manual lists the exact part numbers of the chips that you can use for both the 28 and pin versions of the Micromite. All you need is the free pic32prog utility to easily upgrade the MM firmware. This page serves as a summary page for all of them, from here you can branch off to subsiduary web pages that describe each in detail. While in sleep the program state and all variables are preserved. These can be used to communicate with many sensors temperature, humidity, acceleration, etc as well as for sending data to test equipment. Using MMBasic you can use communications protocols, measure voltages, detect digital inputs and drive output pins.


Video about micromite:

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You can use the Micromite as the intelligence inside any project that requires a medium speed microcontroller but without the hassle of programming in a complex language.

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