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Tom was the centerpoint and highlight of my childhood, where my brothers and sisters and friends and I spent many a winter night barreling down the mountain and hanging out drinking hot chocolates in the lodge. The last night I turned the lights off I did'nt think it would be forever. It was a great place for friendships, family, and winter fun. Another chairlift was added before , and when rolled around, there were 17 trails. Very sad to see it go. We had great fun, and then many years later, once married to another UMass alum, we took our children to the Alpine slide and had great times. We skied there as a family I miss that hill. It was so convenient to get to. We started the snowboard school that winter with Jeff Smith as director and I learned how to carve a snowboard.

Mount tom ma

We went from young kids, to trouble making teens, to more mature young adults on that mountain! Tom's wave pool Future expansion was planned above the quarry area, however, due to the closing, these trails were never finished. My brothers and I were on boards almost from the point of walking. Still skiing and miss the small local mountains! I may have been about 5 when he brought me up the J-bar, and sent me down the hill and started my life long love of skiing! Tom in high school. Tom for two seasons after teaching at Mt. Season passed were how we spent the winter! I am sorry for the communities around the area because their children will not conveniently have the experiences and joy I had gotten from the ski area. When I got older I discovered night skiing and spent a lot of time at Mt. Like another said drop at first lift and pick up at closing. People with credit cards would always be outraged that they couldn't use them to buy tickets. Happy belated Valentines Day! My parents didnt ski so I would hitch a ride with whoever was willing. When I walked out of my house and looked right I could see the illuminated slopes of Mt. Still miss it dearly, raised my family skiing there as well. It will always be a part of my lifetime memories Bit of a mellow hill, but the ski lift famously came within an inch of the snow, incredibly challenging to get off the lift. Looking over the trail map brought back a lot of memories as well as testing my memory for naming the trails. There is no clear-cut reason for the closing of it. Unfortunately Tom passed away a few years ago, way too young, and we never were able to come back and ride Mt. I skied this area from the time I was 10 until I was a junior in high school Nevertheless I have been skiing ever since and so do my children. Mt Tom was my favorite place to be and is sadly missed!!! From that moment forward, I was hooked and skiing became my passion and shaped the rest of my life. Tom and sad to see the pictures of the abandoned buildings and all the graffiti. Tom a regular activity as I taught myself to ski in the East

Mount tom ma

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Abandoned Mt. Tom Ski Area: 20 Years later

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We would race down the hill side by side crazy! Best time of our lives.

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