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Also, they blew up our office in it. The thing is, though, the jokes are so silly that it's easy to miss the message until the infographics during the credits. That is until hints start being dropped about the real point of the movie, and that maybe it's satirizing Western attitudes to more traditional European countries, and that maybe we all need to take a step back and observe- oh, no. This mix of crude humor and quaint sentimentality would become Apatow's trademark, but never was it better than here. Accepted Even though its main character is named "Bartleby," Accepted is a deceptively serious movie about education and governmental procedure. Still, what everyone REALLY remembers it for is the fear it strikes to this day into the heart of someone who wants to have a serious, involved conversation about Matt Damon. It beat Scott Pilgrim and hundreds of others! What the hell happened last night?

Movies like old school

Ferris Bueller's Day Off's fun, complex tricks and spot-on worldly philosophies complement John Hughes' seemingly effortless humor and combine to form a true classic. Think back to that awkward attempt to be on your best behavior; that terrifying internal fear of saying something stupid or, worse, accidentally offensive. All of those things are unfortunate, because The Other Guys is great. Mission Impossible II was pretty good, right? Part 2 retained much of its predecessor's former glory, if not as much of its shameless raunch or actual pie-banging. It beat Scott Pilgrim and hundreds of others! Young Frankenstein A lovingly-detailed and accurate homage to the films before it, Brooks' Young Frankenstein established itself as not only a wonderful Frankenstein parody movie, but actually a wonderful Frankenstein movie in itself. Your tax dollars paying for the protection of some unelected fop from the country that no longer owns you? Sand Dimas High School football rules! The cheap laughs are plentiful — "You know how I know you're gay? Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back A movie about making movies--or at least making money off movies--Jay and Silent Bob contains surprisingly deep allegories about the capitalist structure of the film industry as well as enough offensive material for it to be branded NC at first. Wright flips the age-old zombie movie into a tale of a year-old directionless salesman named Shaun whose girlfriend dumps him and whose every night is spent drinking at a nearby pub. Big Daddy Adam Sandler returned once again to the "ignorant loser forced to take on responsibility" mine in Big Daddy, which sees him fostering a child whose mother has died of cancer and-- are we sure this is a comedy? The Spy Who Shagged Me Without the Austin Powers series, international audiences probably to this day would live in ignorance of the true definition of "shag. Groundhog Day Before everyone realized Bill Murray was literally the greatest person ever, he was just a really good comedy actor. For official rules, click here. Beerfest The title alone gives an idea of the movie's popularity, but when you combine the already destined-for-success notion of a beerfest with plenty of German antagonists and a triumph over aforementioned German antagonists, you're onto a real winner. Wedding Crashers It's a testament to the writers of Wedding Crashers that a movie about literally the most obnoxious, thoughtless people imaginable could turn out to be so pleasingly human. Which, in itself is funny. As the violent sociopath and boyfriend of Wilson's love, Bradley Cooper's breakthrough performance as Sack may be the most underrated of the decade. What couple hasn't dreaded the initial meeting between the boyfriend and his girl's parents? Clerks II While a somewhat toned-down offering after the original Clerks, any revisit to Quick Stop was always going to be satisfying. Euro Trip Filled with inaccurate and offensive stereotypes the best kind , Euro Trip is mindless comedy at its absolute finest. Ferris Bueller's Day Off The movie that caused kids across the world to skip school and have a day of their own adventures, only to discover they weren't as cool or as fictional as Ferris Bueller for that to work. There's Something About Mary A story of love and triumph over adversity is always great.

Movies like old school

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The Best Old School Black Movies

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It is held in high regard by just about anyone ever. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg started writing the film's script when they were 13; precocious for screenwriters, but the perfect age to document the angst and awkwardness of two teenage boys.

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