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Vita would fit flawlessly with a little girl who is filled with life and energy. Whether or not you love this name, you can probably appreciate the lively meaning behind it. In private, you can call her with any nickname of your choice. Besides Italy, it has recently ranked within the top most popular names in Portugal, Romania and Sweden. Bella is certainly used to describe beautiful woman, but the word goes far beyond looks in Italian culture. Although the meaning behind this name may not be as admirable as the rest of this list, it is included because it is filled with Italian charisma.

Nicknames for girlfriends in italian

Like the character, Bella is typically short for Isabella. With a color symbolizing imagination and creativity, Violetta is the perfect name for a little daydreamer. Although most of the world outside of Italy may not be yet be familiar with this energetic name, girls named Vita can be found roaming the streets of central Europe. Luna is a name that promises to not only light up the night sky, but to radiate with beauty day and night. Benny believes the best approach to language learning is to speak from day one. Then you can explain the sweet context over something sweet. It offers a sweet and original twist to more widely known names like Tania and Tamara. Let me know guys! In an effort to step outside of the box and add some Italian charm, Violetta is a beautiful alternative. Besides the teeny tiny grains that gets trapped in your bathing suit, sand is wonderful. Truncate at least one or two syllable from the end of the name and use the minimal. It's said like an insult, but everyone knows that it's in jest. Each year around Valentine's Day, especially now that I have someone special to celebrate it with, it's fun to share some terms of endearment and pet names to call your loved one, from many different languages and cultures around the world. What better way than by giving them a very special name from another part of the world. A definite no to the nickname that is longer than the original one. If you are not one to follow trends, Annata is a unique option for your baby girl. Providing "daring words" I can agree with, but she should not trust you or anyone else she meets on the Internet who says "text this word to your lover without knowing what it means - just because I told you to do it. Try to find a cute pet name with her own name. At the end of the day, whether you choose a name filled with meaning or not, the only thing that matters is to pick a name for your baby girl that you will always love. Combining the two makes the object of your affection as beautiful as the two prettiest ladies in Chinese history. What he is texting he understands, A joke among lovers should be understood by the lovers, not by you and her lover. So, if you need a cute nickname you can call a girl in the Italian language, try any of the following nicknames. In private, you can call her with any nickname of your choice. Lilla is a simple name that is unique and super sweet and any girl would be lucky to have it. Sweet Pea — and More Names from the Kitchen and Garden In English we say sweet pea, peaches, pumpkin, muffin, cupcake, sugar and of course sweetie-pie, cutie-pie, honey-pie, pookie-pie… what is it with English speaking Romeos and their pies? Germans also use animal names with their lovers we are talking pet names after all! After all, many people these days are keeping things simple and using common nicknames as first names.

Nicknames for girlfriends in italian

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You Know You are Dating an ITALIAN Woman When...

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