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A Bit More About Capricorn Capricorn often gets a bad rap and probably takes the prize for being the most misunderstood sign of the Zodiac. Please see the article on seduction and astrology for more information on this. The Taurus A Capricorn and Taurus pair work very well together as they have similar needs and complementary traits. Certainly both Capricorn and Leo are ambitious and will admire one another, but a relationship of any kind between these two would require a lot of adjustments that could be frustrating to both. By c onsulting a professional psychic or astrologer, you can unlock the mysteries of the Capricorn man and discover what he really wants and needs. A Capricorns greatest strength is his ability to set goals and pursue them until attained. Of course, there's aways the possibility that Libra's friendly upbeat nature can loosen Capricorn up, and that Capricorn will inspire Libra to stop vacillating and take a stand.

Perfect match for a capricorn man

Your Capricorn man is likely to be a very adventurous lover, which may come as a surprise when compared to his otherwise restrained and stand-offish exterior. You don't however get to see anything about other factors such as sexual attraction. Both astrological signs place value on loyalty and commitment in relationships. They are dependable, particularly in a crisis, though they dislike chaos and unpredictability. Keeping the spark alive between these two down-to-earth types may take some work. Some sun signs are also much more chatty than others. Work is generally very important to Capricorn men and they don't take it lightly, holding fast to duty and responsibility, partly because they want to look good in front of the world, and partly for the security such behavior brings. Those are a convenient and fast way to generalize, but far from conclusive at this broad level. Sure, most are very reserved, but the majority of Capricorns have a wry sense of humor, are caring, faithful, and have a forgiving nature that endears them to others. Capricorns also have this desire, so a Capricorn and Taurus pair is likely to last. Each will compensate for the other's weak points, and they both have a craving for home and family. In fact, most Goat guys prefer intelligence and character over looks in a prospective mate, so keep this in mind when trying to get his attention. I say 'somewhat' to be polite. An individual's rising sign changes every two hours and depends on the exact time of birth. Parenting is where this couple shines as a team. Capricorn man questions Are Capricorn men afraid to express their feelings? Needless to say, a relationship between these two will take some work. But that's far from the truth. One spoonful at a time.. Of course, playful Leo can show Capricorn a good time, and Capricorn could prove the value of hard work to Leo. One way this is apparent is that he often prefers to perform practical tasks to help loved ones in preference to making purely romantic gestures. Some are more likely to compliment or complain! What are Capricorn men like in bed? Cancer may see the Goat as cold and distant, and Capricorn may think that the Crab is impractical and overly dramatic. Do Capricorn men cheat? And she will want to be in control, which might not be taken lightly by her Capricorn mate. Plus, they're both sensual beings and understand each other's needs quite well.

Perfect match for a capricorn man

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Their excellent sexual compatibility will only make things better.

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