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Would you consider yourself materialistic? What are your views on the political system? What are you attracted to in a woman? On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate me? What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you? Would you consider yourself proud to live in this country? What are some things that offend you?

Personal questions to ask a boyfriend

What's something that no one else knows about you? When was the first time you were in love? If you could have chosen your own name, what would you have picked? What is one question you absolutely refuse to answer? What was the best phase in your life? Do you believe in second chances? What is your biggest insecurity? Everyone has regrets about their past. What is your goal in life? If you could change anything about the past, what would it be? How cool would that be? What are some things in life that you had to learn the hard way? What does this relationship mean to you? One of his sexual fantasies, perhaps? What roles do love and affection play in your life? If you had one word to describe our relationship what would it be? What were your childhood aspirations, and how have they changed? What do you think was your most vulnerable moment in our relationship? How many times have you been in love? What is your goal in life? What about our relationship makes you really happy? Would you rather I be good in the kitchen or good in the bedroom? If something happened where I had to move very far away, would you attempt long-distance? What did your past relationship teach you? What about me made you fall in love? Although we do appreciate and respect his honest answer.

Personal questions to ask a boyfriend

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5 questions that every woman should ask a man

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What is your deepest, darkest secret? Wanting to get a little closer to your potential man?

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