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Not so fast at decision-making as cholerics, you do stay the course. Work with people who have similar professional interests. Remember Hannah, mentioned at the beginning? Careers perfect for sanguines: Assertive Choleric The most ambitious of all the temperaments, cholerics are competitive, goal-oriented, motivational, and often climbing into positions of leadership. They are very charismatic and playful. This personality type is associated with air. They tend to move away from those they find boring.

Phlegmatic sanguine personality type

They can also be warmhearted and optimistic Given their sociable trait, it is easy for them to make new friends as well as be imaginative and artistic — this also leads them to have so many ideas. You are a team player, curious and fair. I retreated and recharged my battery. The great mistake would be to expect someone to become like us or vice versa. Phlegmatics firmly believe that their word is their bond. Top characteristics of this temperament are self-control, patience, fixity of habits, and high effectiveness. With better understanding of our individual peculiarities, we can take advantage of them for a successful career and happier life. We all know the terms introvert and extrovert by Carl Jung, whose theory of psychological types takes a new meaning today. Here are some of the other traits that are often seen in people with the phlegmatic personality type. When it comes to tough stuff, you are steady and cool-headed. Do work in pieces. Apart from being bubbly and chatty, they are also openly emotional. Your strong problem-solving skills make you a great adviser. Not so fast at decision-making as cholerics, you do stay the course. Are you an Introvert? Start working on a project in advance. They seek to fit in and be popular. Big chances are you are an easy-going, flexible, and dynamic person, task-oriented and no slouch at critical thinking. You have superb interpersonal skills and positive attitude to get on well with peers and clients. Take short breaks during a day to calm down your temper. You learn something new every day, after all! They are confident in how they approach people because they know what it takes to resolve conflict effectively. It has served me well over the years, but the easily distracted parts of the sanguine along with the procrastinating tendencies of my phlegmatic side challenge me every day of my life. After interacting with passersby for several hours my inner introvert kicked in; I sat down at the table and told my partner I was finished. And yet, the preponderance of one over another influences our decisions and career choices by all means.

Phlegmatic sanguine personality type

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The 4 Temperaments

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In other words, they live in the moment and they expect this from others as well.

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