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Always something going on. Around a month ago, I returned to check out the renovations and try out the fitness classes, and I am amazed at how much the park has grown! The renovations to the park are amazing. Carefully orchestrated and colorful, twinkling Christmas lights is more than enough reason why Orion Starry Nights is an annual family-fun destination for the holidays. I really like the upgrade they did and how much bigger the lake is since it gives you more time to do the paddleboats or kayaks.

Shelby farms paddle boats

Carefully orchestrated and colorful, twinkling Christmas lights is more than enough reason why Orion Starry Nights is an annual family-fun destination for the holidays. We enjoyed driving through Starry Nights at our leisure, as we came early in the night and didn't really have to wait in line to enter. You can get a fishing license at Bass Pro Shops or at nearby Walmart. They also have very clean bathrooms at the main pavilion! Rent a kayak or bike at the park, swing on one of the huge new swings, go off trail mountain biking, have a bite at the restaurant or cafe, join one of the outdoor yoga classes, or sit back and watch your kids play at the huge park area or splash park. Also I like to mention that there was no cost incurred for parking. Bundle up, sip on some hot chocolate, and drive slowly to best enjoy Starry Nights! Update - short walk. I don't really get the appeal of this place. With a large group, don't forget to look into the carriage and hayride options. I didn't realize how much they had now. There's nothing here that interests me. This was one of our favorite things to do on our trip to Memphis, and a place we'll certainly revisit when returning. What Makes It Great Shelby Farms Park was recently renovated in , and the brand new buildings offer stunning views of the park and the lovely lakes. Wow, what a beautiful park!! Land Website Review Intro Shelby Farms Park is less than half an hour from downtown Memphis, making it an easily accessible oasis when you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. So, yes it is ideal for having an outdoor event. Just checkout the pictures. There is something to do here for everyone. I also enjoy the inexpensive events that happen at the park. I'd like to note that this park is pet friendly and pet owners do walk with their pets there is available doggy stations for pet owners to get their doggie bags About ever other section there is a restroom available for male and female-- and then a family restroom available midway through the walk. It gives me peace when I miss being in nature. Get out and about it!! I love walking around the lake and its lovely how the benches are placed at strategic locations so you can take a break and people-watch. Though I advise people to bring their own snacks and food and make a picnic of it instead.

Shelby farms paddle boats

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Trip to Shelby Farms on the Paddle boat

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Time To Complete Seasonality All Seasons The park is open from sunrise to sunset each day, with specific daily hours found here. I don't really get the appeal of this place.

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