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Believe me, negative buoyancy was no problem at the time. Not many fish here but excellent for photography with a large variety of nudibranchs and invertebrate life. Id love to try an area like this with a group of people.. Click Here to download important information for hunters coming to Big Sur. Fishing is allowed on Saturdays, Sundays, legal holidays, Wednesdays, and the first and last day of the season.

Spearfishing big sur

In my early years, I hauled a lot of rock off the beach and out of the ocean and had a lot of fun doing it. Lots of small invertebrates and some fish such as lingcod and vermillion. When the big swells roll down from the north, kelp is ripped up from the shallower areas of the sea floor and deposited on the beach making a mess there. The lighthouse is south of Jade Cove and north of Cayucos. Big Sur is one of the most furious terrains on the planet. The Big Sur coastline is unlike any scene you might have seen at any of the offshore Channel Islands with its steep cliffs, trees, high mountains, homes perched out over the edge of a cliff, mountain goat trails to the beach and basically very little access to the ocean making the entire coastline an area that has seen very few divers in comparison to most of the California coast. Morro Bay, Cayucos, and San Simeon have motels, and the last time I was there you could get air fills at a dive shop near the foot of the Cayucos pier. Now I attached a lb lift bag, filled it and removed the other two 50lb leaky bags. That tactic worked best for me, and hopefully it will pay off for you as well. Good for spearfishing with lingcod and rockfish plus great spot for photographers with lots of invertebrates and small fish. I also like to work in the shallower inshore waters to the south and out towards Area D. There is some good spearfishing at some sites but all are excellent for photography with macro being the best choice. You have to catch the few calm days that slip in between the storm systems that march down the coast and churn things up during that time of the year. I was cramping in my forearms, lats, stomach and sides. Haystacks-Awesome dive and one of the best on the Big Sur trip. The coastline and kelp beds along this area can offer much exploration from both shore and by boat but be AWARE that the fog can come in thick here without any notice and sometimes big things like sharks are seen swimming around. White Rock-A large rock breaking the surface with kelp beds all around it. You can also while away a few hours exploring the Big Sur area before or after dining. September 23, , That way you can ride out to your chosen search area, tie the float off on the kelp, and run a search pattern nearby on the bottom. Another popular option is to start here and work back to either the south or north cove and exit there. If it was possible, it would be an amazing dive We were there the other day though, and there were big ft waves running through this narrow corridor causing blow outs all over the place. Diving off this point is actually outside the boundaries of the south cove, but it has consistently been a good place to look for jade. Fairbanks Point-For this site you park along the shore by the Natural History Museum and walk along the beach to the point where the bird sanctuary is. You can watch them on the beach and maybe see them playing, mating, or fighting at different times. He mentioned cabezon with heads the size of basketballs..

Spearfishing big sur

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2016 SpearFishing Big Sur

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The problem here is the fog can come in without notice leaving you out with no bearings to get back to shore. No easy task and a long day to say the least.

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