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Pay close attention to building up the muscles around the spine and hips. But it gets better: Repeat this interval sequence eight times. Beat the Boredom Everyone needs to change up their workouts and training once in a while. Engage the core and low back the entire time and do not collapse either one. The more proficient you become at high intensity sprinting, the more you properly engage the muscles involved, such as legs and glutes - and of course the core. Post-Workout The 2-hour post-workout window is when the body most rapidly absorbs nutrients to rebuild itself from the tearing-down effect of the workout.

Sprint training workouts

The oxygen debt generated during exercise triggers HGH release. Active Recovery Following each sprint is a second period of active recovery. Want more lean muscle? When sprinting, you should be working as hard as you physically can. Prevent weight gain especially around the midsection that we are aiming to define. Warming Up Before Training Avoid high-fat meals for one hour prior to beginning workout. Adrenal response Your minute HIIT workout must achieve the out-of-breath, slightly painful level of intensity that produces an epinephrine response before HGH is released. Remember, do not exert yourself too hard on the first couple rounds; starting out more slowly while finishing strong will ensure a fun workout, with the least risk of injury or overtraining. Instead, consume easy-to-digest carbohydrates to help fuel workout intensity. Depending on your goals, there are three different styles of sprint training —conditioning, speed and agility. The Fat Factor Sprinting does two great things for fat and abs. Sprint backwards to the second cone, pivot as fast as possible into a forward sprint to the third cone, where you will pivot again as fast possible into a backward sprint toward the original starting position. Ideally the pace is around the speed you would race a m sprint. Sleep In addition to allowing time off in between workouts, sleep plays a key role in building up between Sprint 8 workouts. Repeat a few at a time. Each interval in the conditioning portion is a lactic acid burner; your lungs will be worked as hard as your muscles. Sprinting burns it off while simultaneously building up and toning the muscle underneath. Start at the first cone in a backwards running position. With a strong connection to the ground, the core must work harder to push and keep the midline tight and secure. Three x Second Sprint Workout Sprint training is most effective if you mix up your rest and interval lengths. But it gets better: When ready, I highly recommend a good pair of spikes for sprint work. This workout challenges your muscles to fire up quickly for the sprint, recover, and then go again, which helps train explosive and dynamic movements. Protein is key here. Start and finish well. Start at the first cone in a forward running direction. Going short and sweet at top speed!

Sprint training workouts

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3-Speed Training Drills

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Look for the signs To know if you are achieving the maximum benefit from each sprint and reaching HGH release benchmarks, look for the following signs:

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