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The west wing at the rear of the administrative block contains the stores on the ground floor, and in the east wing are the nurses' mess and day rooms. The area includes a number of communities such as Connaught, Victoria Crossing and a portion of the Rivers District. In the central portion of this block are situated various offices for the superintendent, clerks, and stewards, and matrons' sitting-rooms. Over these is the chapel. The connecting corridors between the administrative block and the several ward blocks are 9 ft, wide. The city is located in a transition zone between the Rocky Mountain Foothills and the Prairies.

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Beneath the ground-floor corridors are lower ones, partly underground, extending from the coal-cellars to the ward blocks. This became the workhouse for the new St Saviour's union although, as it stood within the parish boundaries of Christ Church, it was often referred to as the Christ Church or Christchurch workhouse. In the central portion of this block are situated various offices for the superintendent, clerks, and stewards, and matrons' sitting-rooms. The administrative block is central. John Glenn was the first documented European settler in the Calgary area, in They are employed in carding and spinning Wool for Mopp Yarn, and for Worsted, and knitting, under the Direction of a Master and Mistress ; and they very well answer the Expectation of the Overseers, who meet Weekly to inspect their Management. The wards have glazed brick skirtings, 3 in. Bedrooms for about seventy nurses and servants are placed on the first and second floors of the east and west wings at the rear of the administrative block; these bedrooms are entirely detached from the main block. The highest temperature ever recorded in Calgary was As well as the main patients' area, each ward included small separation wards, a day room, and staff rooms. The floors of the bath-rooms, water-closets, and lobbies, are paved with red tiles. The fire had started in the flue of an adjoining gingerbread baker's. Despite objections from local residents, from the Lord Mayor, and from Sir Henry Bessemer and Charles Barry respectively the architect and surveyor to Dulwich College , the project proceeded. The population increased by , in the eighteen years between , and , and another , in the next eighteen years to 1,, in In all, there are over distinct neighbourhoods within the city limits. There is a dado of glazed bricks, in cream and brown bands, round the walls. A condition of the union's purchase of site had been that the exterior of the buildings should be designed 'with a view to producing a pleasing effect'. With the energy sector employing a huge number of Calgarians, the fallout from the economic slump of the early s was significant, and the unemployment rate soared. Attached to each of the laundries are airing-rooms for the clothes. Although no female wards are marked on the map, they were presumably located somewhere at the northern end, although the drawing of the map may coincide with a reorganisation of the St Saviour's union and its accommodation see below. They are at the ground, first, and second floor levels. There are six three-light gas pendants in each ward, having enamelled iron hoods which direct the products of combustion, and also the vitiated air from the wards, into tubes placed transversely above the ceilings. The committee consists of the six wardens before described as to their respective duties, eight overseers, and twelve principal inhabitants, some of whom regularly attend every Thursday evening, at six o'clock, and two of them attend in rotation on Tuesday and Saturday at twelve o'clock, to inspect the provisions and the general conduct of the charity. It is connected with the main corridor on the ground-floor only. The connecting corridors between the administrative block and the several ward blocks are 9 ft, wide. Kitchens and scullery were located the rear, and a large chapel placed on the first floor. As usual, the ward blocks were oriented roughly north-south so as to make best use of the available sunlight.

St george medical centre brighton le sands

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Calgary is located at the transition zone between the Canadian Rockies foothills and the Canadian Prairies. There is also a tramway, of in.

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