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Live exercises in which you as participants can be involved. Through the exercises and discussions, even things like communication will open up, and help you both be able to satisfy each other better. Typically the length of these sessions is between an hour and a half and 3. We like to keep all sessions fluid to give everyone the best experience. Be assured, all workshops are completely classy and sleaze-free, with no need for self-disclosure and no need for any level of nudity or actual sexual interaction.

Tantric massage vermont

Live exercises in which you as participants can be involved. What Tantra has to offer couples. Then we move into the Sacred Heart Space, which is a place of powerful heart-connected presence, and make a soul connection. This could be followed by a sacred sensual delight experience, in which you are blind-folded, brought into the Tantric consciousness, and all your senses powerfully stimulated as a lead into a Sensual Tantric Massage. Guided Tantra Session Experience sexual union in a deep and intimate session as you are together guided through a journey of discovery and romantic awareness. Tantalizing Tantric Touch I have taught you how to touch sensually from a place of powerful, heart-connected presence. Learn how to move past those blockages to bliss, and begin a path of becoming deeply and freely sexual. We will move into a Tantric space with each other that is a place of powerful, heart connected presence. When you touch in a taking way, you give yourself pleasure through your touch. Learn about your body and what it really wants! Tantra Experience and Tantric Massage — 2 hours Now, let me add what happens in the two hour experience. Understanding the connection between your heart and your juicy bits can bring more life and ecstasy to both. With some brief overview information so we all understand the principles as well as some basic anatomy that might surprise you focusing of course on those juicy erogenous areas! Typically the length of these sessions is between an hour and a half and 3. During it you will experience a variety of Tantric practices and rituals that will utterly delight you as they lead you into intensely focused, pleasurable, heart-centered, sensual spaces that will connect your body and soul. It is possible to do several hours on Tantric Touch and Pleasuring the Goddess. How could it be any other way, if it were to be a true Tantric experience? Practical take-aways for you to integrate into your next lovemaking session! Unstructured scenario The unstructured scenario will begin similarly to the structured session with conversation in which I will attempt to discover the place of need, desire or aspiration in you so that I might attend to that in the session. How to co-create magical experiences. Become a stud in bed! Dress code for the programs offers you a choice of nudity, your lingerie or a sheet which you are welcome to pick up at the entrance. Natalie works primarily with men and couples and witnessed change and healing in literally hundreds of individuals and couples in both private coaching sessions as well as transformational workshops. Structured scenario The structured scenario may include such things as intimate talking to get to know each other, a Tantric bath experience, entering into the Sacred Heart Space and making a soul connection and then moving from there into the sensual while holding that sacred space intact through an experience of sensual touching, first me with you and then you with me. Tantra Experience and Tantra Massage — 2. From there we move into the sensual Tantric massage.

Tantric massage vermont

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Tantric massage

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Learn about your body and what it really wants!

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