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The first player to get rid of their stickers is the winner! Sports Party - Siss Boom Rah! Whatever you can think of that will make a crazy photo! Left Foot Art - Sit on the floor with no shoes and draw using your left foot. Have them talk about their "topic" for two minutes, without getting off-topic! Night Under the Stars Party - a beautiful and fun theme, can be very elegant and popular for proms and other teen party ideas.

Teenage slumber party ideas

Pillowcase Hop - Have a sack race but use pillowcases for fun slumber party games! Great for a dance party! One fortune might be "Lisa will have a job as a zookeeper, marry Rob, live in Paris, and have 9 children! Scavenger Hunts - Make this party into anything you want it to be! Counting to 10 gives the murderer a chance to get away. Buy tickets to your favorite sporting event for you and your friends, and then "tailgate it'. The three contestants come up one at a time. If so, have a toothpaste taste test. Slumber Party Box of Questions - just one of many slumber party games you can purchase that are made specifically for slumber parties. Some prizes should be really good ones, and others Our favorite teen party ideas are easy themes that can work for large or small groups of guests. Free to print out and use at you next party. Go around the circle 3 times to complete the story! Perfect for slumber party games and sleepovers. The victim counts to 10, and then screams, falling down on the floor "dead". Clean, rated G for all ages. For example, if you wish to assemble blankets for your local children's hospital, find out what types are needed, then make the blankets and deliver them! Sometimes in an amusement center, you can have one anywhere that has the space. Do this by secretly placing stickers on other players. You'll want to video this one too Tell us about your great teen party idea! Sock Hunt - You'll need a pair of socks for each player. Do you have a great sleepover game or activity? Glow Olympics - If you are thinking of having a black light party then consider turning it in to an olympic event! Can be really funny! Sleeping Bag Hunt - Before the party, gather objects such as a magazine, stuffed animals, a shoe.

Teenage slumber party ideas

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Epic Slumber Party and Sleep Over Ideas for Teen Girls

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