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I think BB knows this and purposefully uses this to their advantage knowing that people have to be drunk to enjoy a place like this so they will order drinks regardless. DON'T fall for it keep your money in your wallet!!!! The TVs are small but overall a great spot to hang out. Everyone else in the party will probably hate it though. Anyways the drinks themselves are watered down and really sugary so you're guaranteed a hangover along with your overpriced drink. No food available here, but you can order from nearby restaurants and bring it with you. Came here for my Bachelorette party.

The big bang columbus

The two pianists were funny and kept the party going with different styles of music. Everyone else in the party will probably hate it though. You then have options to go downstairs to the party or outside to the small patio. Great for birthdays - the piano players will bring the birthday boy or girl up and give them a real razing: Images of Victor Borga and the flashy sign brought us down to the perfect musical experience! The beers include Landshark and Shock Top Razz. It was fun sending up requests tips suggested! And to top it all, I got the bartenders offering me Miller Lite as the drink that sells the most because they were all out of rum for my cocktail. It is smaller than I expected as well. Nevertheless, I would still go back. The guys playing are fantastic. It's a much better atmosphere. This is a fun place to stop in. It was more fun early in the evening as later they played the songs you requested based on how high of a tip you would offer. I think you will enjoy yourself if you're coming to be trashed, getting drunk on cheap beers, listening to live music you don't care about in an atmosphere you won't remember the next morning anyway. They may be drunk and slutty, but they can be really annoying to listen to which is kind of a turn off. This place is the epitome of what I think of when I picture white people from the Midwest "gathering" together for a party. Drink selection was amazing. I can't really even think of anything good to say about it, except that if you're the bachelorette in question and everyone else is paying you'll probably have a good time. At least it did on a Thursday night. I'm sure I can think of more things I hate about this place, but the bottom line is, if you're bound and determined to go here despite what is sure to be a frustrating experience, come early and bring cash to bribe the musicians. The musicians seem to get better with audience participation. It has been one of the best places to find women on weekends. Journeyed up the short north and happened on this gem. In the future I will look before paying my fee or ask the bouncers to. If you love music and like to sing along, you should check it out.

The big bang columbus

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Dueling Pianos @ The Big Bang - Miley Cyrus Medley

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The pianists take requests along with tips.

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