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Ordered beef pho to go and it was so good! Service was friendly and fast. The meat is cooked really well and it even comes with an egg. We sat down at a table for four and I also ask for extra bowl of noodles for small extra fee. Seriously from the basics

Ton pho

I have never seen a pho place to be clean like this and to offer fresh vegetables like here. The meat is cooked really well and it even comes with an egg. You won't be disappointed with the wide variety of Vietnamese and Thai food on the menu! Only downside is this place is small and if you go there during busy lunch time you will waite for seating. Very busy and working hard. The best Vietnamese food in America's Vancouver! I was able to take a few pictures before we devoured it all: Ordered c2 beef Pho with eye of round and flank steak. EVERY ingredient was insanely fresh. Tasted so authentic and delicious. Showed up at opening and they completely delivered.. I'm not a master on what good pho is supposed to taste like, but this place is many levels above the other place down the street. I was amazed on how clean this restaurant is. The lady working the counter was super friendly and the older guy working the floor was hustling the whole time. Salad rolls were good and the Vietnamese sandwiches are yum The Pho was very delicious, the service was great and the restaurant is very clean. Moreover, I really appreciate kind service. Intense flavored PHO here Ordered beef pho to go and it was so good! The shrimp can be a little dry, but it is grilled and has a nice grilled flavor. They acted like it didn't matter, like this happens all the time. The portions are very generous, I usually force myself to eat the entire bowl because I don't want it to go to waste and it's just too good to not finish! I am not a Pho guy so I got a traditional Porkchop dish. I love their extensive menu full of options and vegetarian friendly too. Very flavorful and yummy. Really good Beef Pho.

Ton pho

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Apparently that's the normal standard they set there. We sat down at a table for four and

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