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French ] and La Maison de Sabrina [ Clearnet link! Main ideas are trading CP, testing CP knowledge, waiting for custom material requests, then preparing an "accidental" meeting to create an alibi. Everything except blood, gore and death are allowed. When you create an account on these sites, make sure you don't use the same username as you do on the clearnet. English Girls only GirlChat [ Clearnet link!

Torchat directory

Follow the steps below to do so on Windows: Take care when opening links. The hint of anything illegal will get you banned. As of 5 February , developer Prof7bit moved TorChat to GitHub , [3] as a protest against Google selectively censoring access to TorChat download to certain countries. Spanish ] - Spanish child-lover discussion forum. Discussing something illegal you have done including having watched child pornography you have not been prosecuted for is prohibited. If you gave out any identifiable information there you should take appropriate precautions. Free Spirits [ Clearnet link! El Diario de Trini [ Clearnet link! Auch Girllover sind dort manchmal anzutreffen. The Pedophile's Handbook download edition [ Clearnet link! A new capability in jTorChat is the broadcast mode, which allows a user to send messages to everybody in the network, even if they are not in their buddylist. Dutch ] - Dutch boylove forum. French ] - Boy-lover forum in French. Young City [ Clearnet link! Registration required to post. This wiki is a group effort and everybody will get the most out of it if everybody makes quality contributions so feel free to add any resource you know of. No requests without posting first. The Pedophile's Handbook - This handbook is a collection of guides for pedophiles that aims to cover as many subjects as possible regarding pedophilia and child love practice, while being continuously under development with improvements and new content. Unpopular around here, but the discussion is smart and active Non-English Girls only Pedonia [ Clearnet link! This includes everything from discussion groups and forums to modeling images of children to hard core child pornography. Projects On Wiki Activism sugestions - List of suggestions to reconcile general society with child lovers and minor-attracted persons. The first is modeled after GirlChat, the second is a phpbb. Use encryption to encrypt illegal files. Spanish ] - Pedophile literature in Spanish.

Torchat directory

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Free Spirits [ Clearnet link!

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