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They had chicken and what i believe was beef, but everyone was getting the al pastor on the spit. You add the cilantro, limes, and onions yourself at the bar. My friends and I discovered this place and will continue to eat here when we're hungry! I decided to try this place out and it wasn't too bad. The service here is good! Why is the line so long?


The other food trucks in area have shorter lines because they bring the food out quicker. So come and check them out. Squeeze em on there. It's creamy and not too sweet. Please don't let these degenerates get you guys down. I feel like there is only 1 meat option, which is the pastor meat. The main meat pork that was always being prepared fresh was on a spit and well seasoned. Houston, TX I received an email from Yelp recommending these tacos but they were a little far from my area. Try a squirt of that salsa. This taco stand has pretty delicious tacos, quesadillas, and horchata. Not your stupid wife's ground beef garbage tacos. I decided to try this place out and it wasn't too bad. It's not bad for one dollar tacos! I love your tacos and buy them every week cause they're just that good. From the spinning meat on a pole pastor or trompo? The people were also very nice. It's why the lines are so long. I shared 5 with my husband and regretted not getting more, haha! I love eating tacos here!!! The line moved at a stead pace and the cooks moved in perfect unison. You add the cilantro, limes, and onions yourself at the bar. Hands down, Worth it. The pork was seasoned well and wasn't dry. I ordered 2 tacos and put lots of onions and cilantro on top. A dollar per taco, we talking about everytime we go here I say goodbye to Andrew Jackson and grab me 20 dang good tacos!


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24.11.2017 at 10:12 pm

Drunk guy in line made the experience esp worse and uncomfortable.

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