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With Lent upon him, he decides to give up sex until Easter. While it may seem this would only push her more into the past, it helps her move on and begin a fresh start at life. A Walk to Remember This romantic movie is about two young people brought together, based on a popular novel by Nicholas Sparks. Dirty Dancing This classic love movie is about a girl vacationing who falls in love with a dance instructor. But on their wedding day, a stranger comes in and kisses her, which causes them to trade bodies.

Very romantic movies

Date Movie If all of the other romantic comedies make you roll your eyes, you might enjoy this parody movie that pokes fun at them. When she falls in love and plans to marry a non-greek, she struggles to get her family to accept him. But will she end up liking him more for just appearances? Can he win her back? Will her prince charming come and rescue her? Fate intervenes to give her grief stricken boyfriend a second chance. Love Actually This movie consists of 10 different stories, all of which intertwine with each other. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days: Starring Tom Hanks, this is a great classic movie. Across the Universe Love and war take precendence in this psychedelic movie set during the Vietnam war. They meet for what they thought would only be a one night thing when she learns she is pregnant. The Holiday Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet star in this movie as overworked and burnt out girls who decide to swap houses on opposite ends of the world for a week. Trying to do what is right for each other, they decide to get married. But she will only date him if fate brings them back together again. The English Patient This Academy Award winning movie set in the World War II Era is about a nurse who cares for a mysterious stranger who has been severely wounded and the story that ensues as they learn about his dangerous past. Dan in Real Life Steve Carell stars as Dan, a widower with three daughters on vacation with his family. She plays along but finds that she is starting to fall in love with his brother. While there she discovers herself, new friends, a new life, and of course romance. The Goodbye Girl Richard Dreyfuss stars in this movie about mismatched roommates. A Walk to Remember This romantic movie is about two young people brought together, based on a popular novel by Nicholas Sparks. He has no memory of his past and his family misconstrues Lucy as his fiance. Does this mismatched relationship have a chance? And will he find out she was hired? Will he be able to prevent their destiny? Groundhog Day A news reporter is sent to cover Groundhog Day, only to find that he keeps being forced to relive the same day over and over again! Or will fate take them in a whole different direction altogether? Armageddon This is more of action film as an oil drilling crew is hired to blow up a giant asteroid before it crashes into the earth.

Very romantic movies

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They get married and face many of the typical challenges newlyweds do.

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