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He won six dollars for guessing that the next dunk would come one minute into the final period. The disarray suggests that shoppers have been moving the black faces aside to get to white ones. Elton Mathis, the Waller County district attorney, told a news conference on Thursday the autopsy report found that Bland died from asphyxiation, that she hanged herself using a plastic bag and that video from the jail showed that no one went in or out of her cell until she was found unconscious on Monday morning. Un-employment and its stubborn cousin, self- employment, have risen wildly; plywood has usurped glass in countless store-fronts on Main St. To the latter group, Vidor is nondescript and wholly unremarkable. Its founding father seems to have been a guy in a blue Suburban who spent ten hours one day with a clicker, counting cars that sped by. Within five or ten minutes, though, it becomes pointless to refute any calls.

Vidor texas kkk

In , Charleston pleaded guilty to accepting bribes, following an FBI investigation into corruption which also ensnared other public officials in the county. It is attracting attention after the death in custody of Bland , a year-old from Chicago who was stopped by police last Friday for failing to signal when changing lanes. There are two types of travelers who stop in Vidor: My first night in Vidor I try to have dreams of glory but all I do is toss and slide on a hard bed with a rubber sheet. For hours they go up and down the essential three miles of Main St. During its weekly Friday night auction, the store moves more merch than the Wal-Mart down the street. Two postal inspectors escorted the year p. He became aware at a young age, however, of the danger of being black and in Vidor at the same time. Forty or fifty seconds into the final period, a Central player springs from a crouch and intercepts a pass near mid-court. All that remains of the structure that marketed racism from are three red, white and blue steps that front the sidewalk. The disarray suggests that shoppers have been moving the black faces aside to get to white ones. Their assistant postmaster will also be in his best clothes, together with his family, singing the hymn on page Though North Star Steel brought industry and jobs to the area in , Vidor is still primarily a bedroom community for folks where bacon is brought home from Beaumont, Port Arthur 22 miles away and Orange 13 miles away. Would their houses be burned down? The plump cashier at the Gulf station looks skyward for help on her crossword puzzle. Seated next to him is a woman half his age whose radical nonchalance screams out that she would rather be anywhere doing anything instead of in Vidor recording highest bids. There are three or four poster-sized drawings with Klan motifs, including one that spoofs an Uncle Sam recruitment. A man of about 40, with longish, dirtyish hair that gravity parts, reaches in and pulls out a six-pack of Bud. I call the young stock boy over and ask him if they had sold any packages with black babies yet. Standing below them are an older gentleman in overalls and an eager lad of 12 or 13 who takes turns displaying the items as they are auctioned. All it takes is a drive through a few neighborhoods during the traditional Wednesday garage sales to see that this is a town struggling to make ends meet. In the middle is A. Across town, the weekly dance at VFW Post is well under way. A mother of one of the Central cagers asks her son how soon he will be ready to be picked up, gathers her three younger children and heads them off to their car on the other side of the parking lot. Twelve hours in town, eight of which were with my contacts out, and my hatchet has already metamorphosed into a butterfly net.

Vidor texas kkk

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