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I shoot them an email after a month and a week goes by. They don't fill in the rash with bondo or paint body filler like most wheel repair places. Happy with the price and service. They tell me in a couple days my wheels will be done. VR Wheels This business has been claimed by the owner or a representative. They did however, scuff up my wheels a bit, which i was a little upset about; nothing major, just a small scuff along the edge of the two of the rims. He promised me that it would be finished within 2 weeks, and he delivered. Full service shop for wheels, they do everything.


They were beat up and dull finished and came back looking as good as new. I'll take my business somewhere else. They fixed the bend, but in doing so, they put a handful little nicks in the wheels. What can i say, the guys here are great, friendly and know their stuff. That being said I got my Volk TE37 repaired: Found the wheel you like but its in a different bolt pattern, they can redrill it for you to fit. Got there and spoke to jack nice dude unfortunately they didn't have wheels I wanted ready My fault,should off called but jack promised he will get it shipout asap which he did. I called them to inform them about my issue and the person on the phone downplays the situation. He also tried to blame the valve stems which I'm sure isn't at fault since they worked beautifully before the refinishing. I'll come back for sure!! Plain and simple they will not inform you of any defects about any of their rims until you inspect them thoroughly.. Maybe I'll update this review later on when OR if i go back to them for any repairs, but for now, I'll give 2 stars. Sketch VR wheels has a large selection of wheels imported from Japan. I recently purchased a set of wheels from them and they let me test fit the wheels before i purchased them which was a big deal for me because the wheels i had in mind for my car were actually really low offset so they would not fit my vehicle. The guys there know their stuff. With that being said, thank you and it was great doing business with u guys VRwheels has built me at least 5 sets of wheels, has done barrel repairs, powder coating, machine work and I've never had a negative experience. Well, almost three months later and after constant checking in with the progress of my wheels, I received my mediocre refinished wheels back. This place is also a little hard to find if youre driving from the main road; theres no front office or sign to show they exist, so you'll have to look a bit Great people rene responded to emails fairly quick answered the questions I had would def recommend people and will purchase my next set of wheels here as well!! I am literally mindblown how they messed up not once, but twice April 16th, my wheels arrive. VR offered to re powder coat there but they could not beat the price of the place I normally go to for powder coating. I purchased a set of VIP Modular wheels that were in fair condition, I needed new two step lips and no one in San Diego, could service me. Crappy service and rude associates tarnish the auto industry. I just dropped off a set of wheels last week for chroming, I'm looking forward to seeing them soon. They decided to build me a new wheel and ship it back to me Wednesday tomorrow.


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