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And the sides were all amazing too. I ordered the collard greens as part of my order and they got it wrong. Glad this has re-opened with new owner, hats off to Stew!! OMG we are visiting from the twin cities and were looking for some barbecue for lunch. The place is small, but a great fit for this area. The meals are big with plenty of food.

Woodys smoke shack

I checked out the place on a hot Summer day and they had their fans propped up on seats and blowing at the customers. The use of the word "Championship" in the restaurant's name is inexplicable. Cheesy potatoes were good but I wish it was warmer. Corn bread was the same and fantastic. I was excited to retry this place after I heard it was under new ownership. It's got a sweet, home-y, hole-in-the-wall vibe. Learn more reviews. I got the brisket with a side of Cole slaw and a side of the cheesy jalapeno grits. We stuffed ourselves silly at lunch, sharing our sides. Came in for dinner and was served dry, day old BBQ with cold sides. Sides were pedestrian at best. The ribs and brisket were wonderful and flavorful. They changed ownership 7 weeks ago. I have food sensitivities and I asked a few basic Qs about their sides, and nobody could answer. The other sides the ones that should be served hot were barely microwaved. I sat at the outside area, where there was a lot more space and seating. Tonight, my food came out room temperature and I left with a queasy gut shortly after. They have homemade cornbread that you self serve and delicious slices of homemade pies. My love for Woody's Smoke Shack cannot be put into words. I mean, who makes the sides?! Luckily it wasn't busy when we came here. I took my chances anyway, and it was clear that their answers weren't correct and the odds were not in my favor. Steve, the owner, was in and talked to me while I ate. No liquid smoke here. And such a great ambiance.

Woodys smoke shack

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Woody's Smoke Shack set to reopen

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