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Group relationships may form, they may not. As long as trust, respect and consent are part of the formula, a mono and a poly can surely make it work. Right away that necessitates a lot more planning than monogamous folk have to worry about. I dated a man who was monogamous by nature, and was so with me, but was comfortable with my having a girlfriend in addition to our relationship, even though my relationship with her did not involve him [read: Can one enjoy a non-monogamous relationship and a crystal butt plug at the same time?

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Going to a swingers party together, potentially finding an activity to participate in together, both parties participating in different activities, or one or both not necessarily partaking at all. Other relationships, while they may indeed be loving, will not take precedence over the primary relationship. At the end of the day we are all more than the labels we assign ourselves, and people who may seem unlikely to mesh on paper can and do attract. While that does make logical sense, love knows not of logic, and as fate would have it monogamous and non-monogamous people can and frequently do find themselves involved, in love, and in relationships. If monogamy is categorized by not having sex with everyone, then non-monogamy must be about having sex with everyone, right? And it does not mean that one is, while having indiscriminate sex with multiple partners simultaneously, also strapped to the bed with leather cuffs in nipple clamps and a crystal butt plug. Can one enjoy a non-monogamous relationship and a crystal butt plug at the same time? She was committed to me. Egalitarian Polyamory Relationship Anarchy This form of non-monogamy is exactly what it sounds like. I was committed to him. That being said, what if a couple could do things besides sex together, or with the consent of their partner, openly? But scheduling is not even the most intense challenge that people who chose to practice non-monogamy find themselves faced with. Non-Hierarchal Polyamorous Relationship Here there are multiple relationships but without hierarchy. It does not mean that one is necessarily having indiscriminate sex. This can be, but is not always the case. Four parties in a group relationship agree not to involve new partners before getting tested, but then someone does the deed prematurely? Which brings me to my next myth… Myth 5: Once possession is removed, the love between two or more people is no longer defined by what they will not do with others, but by what they actually feel and have together. That, however, is like saying that stealing is a type of trade. Do you wait two weeks and risk the fizzle, or talk to your partner about making an exception? This can even be considered a type of open relationship, but it is characterized by the couple exploring pursuits outside their relationship together, if not always simultaneously. But when people think of non-monogamy, their minds go to one place - fast. And they may as well in hierarchal poly, I might add. It allows all relationships with others to be what they are, when they are, whatever they are, without operating within tiers of importance, defined parameters or preset expectations. Not to knock the merits or challenges of monogamy, but where time management, jealousy and trust are concerned, non-monogamous folk have a bit of a fuller plate, if I must say so myself.

Www swingtowns

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